Experience a Random Catastrophe!

Random Catastrophe is the idea of one man but born of three projects.

My name is Casey Trowbridge and I am from the small town of Huron, South Dakota.

I first started to blog in a serious way back in the summer of 2006. If you want, you can read my first blog but be warned that the earliest posts are truly aweful. I was encouraged to start blogging by my friends Ric Gillespie and Karl Stern.

A short time later, I partnered with a couple of friends and we did our own combat sports related website known as Combat Hooligans. Originally it was a .com but in 2014 I brought the site back as Combat-Hooligans.net. It was intended to be a website for my friends and I to get back together and blog about sports and pop culture things we found interesting.

Later in 2014 I launched two other website projects. The first was a personal website called CaseyTrowbridge.com where I would talk about more personal matters. One of the most read items I did for that site was a series of posts talking about living my life with a visual impairment.

The second project was a website called Audiobook Empire and it was meant to be an outlet for all things Audiobooks. It was the most ambitious project I had ever undertaken online. It had a community section and all sorts of bells and whistles. It caused a lot of headaches but was also a lot of fun.

AudiobookEmpire.com screenshot

Screenshot of old AudiobookEmpire.com website

Fast forward to July of 2015. I had sort of gotten burned out on trying to maintain three different websites. Combat-Hooligans.net became a vehicle to promote content on the other two sites. My personal site hadn’t been updated in months for reasons that were quite personal in nature. Audiobook empire was still fun but it wasn’t growing as I had hoped. Financially, I could not afford to keep doing what I was doing and I decided that I would rather work on building a single audience than trying to build three of them.

Enter Random Catastrophe which is an idea I had several years ago and had the good sense to register a domain. I decided that I would fold all three projects back into a single one. This meant I would only have one site to update, could write about whatever I liked and would only have to try and build one audience. I could save some time and produce more content.

On this website, you will find Audiobook reviews and news items. You will also find articles about subjects I find interesting from sports and popular culture. I will also talk about matters of a more personal nature and plan to re-release the series of posts I wrote on being visually impaired.

I am also certain that I will not be the only person who contributes to this website. I’m sure you will hear from other voices along the way.

So if you don’t like what you see today, check back again later and you may find something that does grab you.

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