It Has Been Awhile…Again

So my plan to write more often after I relaunched this website has been, up to now, a complete failure. But that’s fine because at least I am able to see things for what they are. It is better to admit that I haven’t lived up to my goal so far than it would be… Continue reading It Has Been Awhile…Again

It Has Been Awhile

You can consider the title of this post an acknowledgement that my plan to write more hasn’t exactly gone well so far. I actually wrote a post a couple of weeks ago that talked about how stable my life has been lately and it turned into a post about romanticrelationships. I didn’t publish it because… Continue reading It Has Been Awhile

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New Computer

I know that it has been awhile since I have written anything and you may have come to the conclusion that my return to writing online was short lived. Even I can admit that such an assumption would not be unreasonable to make. However, that wasn’t the case.

Quick Little Update

Hello, all. If you are reading this on the day it is posted, I want to wish you a happy Easter. If you read it later, then I wish you a happy day. I wanted to write a quick little update because I haven’t posted anything in awhile and the whole point was to get… Continue reading Quick Little Update

Back on the Bike

I will discuss the motivation behind this in a future post but on March 9 I started riding my stationary bike once more. I had fallen out of the habit for longer than I recall and after almost 2 weeks of riding again, I am glad I have gotten back into it.

Facing Reality

As I write this, it is early on a Tuesday evening. I write this because I want you, dear reader, to know that I am feeling very conflicted. You see, the truth of the matter is that I am struggling right now. I am in what one might call a bit of a funk. The… Continue reading Facing Reality

I can’t really get in to all the details as to why but right now, my anxiety levels are higher than I would like though it is still under control. However, high anxiety makes it hard for a person to sleep and when that person has a hard time sleeping anyway it is just so much worse. Plus, that stupid time change did me no favors. And now the bad weather we were told to expect over the next day or so has kicked in and bad weather always does a number on me. Add it all up and you get a weekend that I would just as soon forget.

A New Beginning

Cover image for the Welcome Back, Kotter TV favorites DVD.

Welcome to Random Catastrophe Version 3.0. If you are a previous follower of my blog, then you already know that it has been a long time since I have posted anything. In fact, it has been so long that you probably forgot you were even still subscribed. If this is your first visit, then I… Continue reading A New Beginning

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