I know that yesterday’s post teased a posible topic for today’s post. It was to be a post about what I thought my life would be like if I could see. This post is not going to be about that, however. I still hope to write that post eventually but think it will be long and I don’t feel like lengthy writing today.

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I Don’t Feel Like It

I don’t feel like writing but I’m doing it anyway. I don’t mean that I don’t feel like writing this particular post, I mean that I don’t feel like writing in general. I am writing this post in an effort to just plow through this feeling. So often, when I don’t feel like doing something, I just don’t do it. But there are certain things that must be done even if we don’t feel like it.

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Would You Rather? #6: Who Needs Sleep?

Welcome to the sixth edition of Would You Rather. This is the game where I take a question at random from and put forth my answer for your reading enjoyment. I also provide a poll each week so you can answer each question for yourself.

Last week I tackled a question about first names. It wasn’t the best question of the bunch I’ve answered thus far but I think we make up for that a bit this week.

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