I Did Not Enjoy My Weekend

I can’t really get in to all the details as to why but right now, my anxiety levels are higher than I would like though it is still under control. However, high anxiety makes it hard for a person to sleep and when that person has a hard time sleeping anyway it is just so much worse. Plus, that stupid time change did me no favors. And now the bad weather we were told to expect over the next day or so has kicked in and bad weather always does a number on me. Add it all up and you get a weekend that I would just as soon forget.

This is not to suggest the whole thing was bad. I watched a fun fight card on DAZN last night and ended up getting a free pizza. Also, today the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament went live and so I filled that out. That was one of the interruptions that hurt the most for me last March. Speaking of the tournament, I have a group set up on Yahoo and anyone is welcome to click that link to play against me and some of my friends.

That is all I have for now. I wanted to write because I haven’t written in a few days and because writing helps me.

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