Quick Little Update

Hello, all. If you are reading this on the day it is posted, I want to wish you a happy Easter. If you read it later, then I wish you a happy day. I wanted to write a quick little update because I haven’t posted anything in awhile and the whole point was to get used to writing regularly.

I actually have been working on a post. It is still in the draft stages, I need to do some editing on it before it is ready to go but I’m happy with the content. It is a post about some good news I got earlier this year and ties in to my motivation for getting back on my exercise bike.

Speaking of that, I had a good run of riding for several days and was at one point riding twice a day for fifteen minutes each. That slowed in late March for a couple of reasons. The first is that I had a bit of an illness that didn’t necessarily stop me from riding but it did hurt my enthusiasm. Combined with that, the time change on the fourteenth really did a number on my sleep schedule. I had actually had my sleep schedule pretty well under control since July of 2020 but for some reason it all fell apart briefly after the time change. And the fact it fell so far out of whack was a bit concerning. It also meant that I was very fatigued for a lot of my waking hours and there were even days where I did not have that many waking hours at all. I think that I have gotten my body back under control the past few days. There was an early bedtime Friday night but both yesterday and today have seen me wake up at the hour that I would most like to be awake and stay awake all day without any fatigue. So I’m hoping that is the start of a pattern.

There is not much else for me to write about at this time. My life is not that interesting. I have spent a lot of time concerning a personal dilemma that I am facing. It is something I plan to explore in a future post, I will just say that it involves my quest to find a meaningful romantic relationship with a woman. I have sort of reached a point where I don’t even know what to try and do any more which is frustrating me on an intellectual level because I’m usually pretty good at assessing situations and solving problems. But that is for later. Until then, I must return to editing my bigger post. I hope you all are doing well. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some stretching to do and a bike to ride.

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