It Has Been Awhile

You can consider the title of this post an acknowledgement that my plan to write more hasn’t exactly gone well so far. I actually wrote a post a couple of weeks ago that talked about how stable my life has been lately and it turned into a post about romanticrelationships. I didn’t publish it because that wasn’t the direction I intended for it to go when I started writing it.

My life has become very routine as of late. Most days look a lot like the days that proceeded them. I’ve stuck close to home, no trips out of town since January and none are planned for the near future. Ordinarily, thismuch routine would start to drive me crazy. By all rights I should have experienced a lot more feelings of restlessness or boredom than I have. But I’ve taken things in stride and learned to appreciate the stability of the past few months. In part because it means everyone I care about is doing well and I myself am not experiencing any major trials. I know that can’t and won’t last forever.

But I also know that my routine will be altered soon enough and for the better. In a very short amount of time, my best friend from college is moving to town to start his new job as school superintendent. I have an entire post sitting in my draftsfolder about that and how it all came together. I’ll post that sooner or later but for now I willjust say that when he was announced as the school board’s choice to fill the position I was shocked and excited. It will be great
to see he and his wife again, I was a groomsman in their wedding and I am looking forward to meeting their children. I’ve een looking forward to their arrival in town for months and I think having that to look forward to is one of the big reasons I have maintained a positive attitude.

In other news, about a month ago I started taking daily Vitamin D. I have done a lot of research and determined that as I am nearly totally blind, I do not get enough daily vitamin D. This is just the latest step I have taken toimprove how I feel physically. Last July I started to find a solution to my sleep issues. Earlier this year, I bought an air purifier for my bedroom because I was tired of waking up each day feeling like I couldn’t breathe. All of these things, plus being more committed to daily prayer have really helped me out tremendously. That is yet another reason I haven’t really been bothered all that much by the sameness of the past few months. Sure, things might not be as exciting as I’d like but at least I am feeling good.

One thing has come up recently to cause me some concern. I have learned that my nephew may have an issue with his heart. Apparently, he was coming out of the bathroom recently and just passed out. He had to be taken to the ER and now he has to see a specialist. It was this kind of news that I hadn’t had to deal with in quite some time and why a routine wasn’t all that bothersome. I’m hoping that the issue can be fixed without seriously impairing his future but we will have to wait and see.

I think spring in South Dakota might have ended early. Yesterday, we hit a record high temperature for the day of 101 degrees. According to the radio station, it was the first hundred plus degree day for us since July 2017. We’re supposed to be in the 90s for a majority of this week. That’s a little hotter than I would like, give me a nice string of days in the 80s and I’ll be happy. But even this is better than the cold in December or January, at least for me. At least in this weather I can hear birds chirping and children playing outside. In the winter months, there is no sound just the silence that comes with stillness. I’ll take the sounds of activity over the quiet of inactivity any day.

One thing that I have done differently over the last month isread. Yes, I read before but all of my reading for the past several years has been listening to audiobooks. Last month, I decided to try a few books that aren’t available in Audio but are on Kindle. So I’ve been listening to Alexa read me a few things. I still prefer the work of a human voice but as not everything I want to read is available in audio, this is an acceptable solution. The first book I did this with was ‘Crazy Like a Fox’ a biography of the wrestler Brian Pillman, who was someone I really enjoyed watching when I was a kid.

I think after almost 2 months, I finally have my computer working the way I would like. I still wish I had one more day of access to my old computer so I could pull things off of it that I need like the email addresses of friends that are only stored in my email client. But aside from that inconvenience things have been running smoothly.

I was recently asked if I had any plans for the summer and as of now the answer is no. I am looking forward to welcoming my friends to town and spending time getting caught up with them but other than that I have nothing on the schedule. I would like to do something but as I am not exactly sure of what I’d like to do I’m just going to wait and see what comes up.

I have not been so active lately in my search for a romantic partner. I’ve just been focused on other things and it has slid to the back burner. I haven’t given up but I haven’t been as aggressive in the spring as I was in the fall. I will step up my efforts again before too long because I know it isn’t going to just happen I actually do have to make an effort to find someone.

I must admit that I am curious about one thing. I am eager to see what happens to me when summer turns to fall. I say that because it is usually the toughest time of the year for me. But I am actually feeling pretty optimistic right now and so am interested to see if that can carry me through. If I do experience a fall slump it won’t be the end of the world. Last fall was incredibly rough but it is also what ultimately spurred me to make some more changes in my life. I don’t think I’m here writing this post if I didn’t go through that rough patch last fall. I never would have realized that writing was something I wanted to get back to doing. All things being equal I would still rather not have my emotions bottom out so hard but if there is a larger purpose behind it then I will just have to ride it out as in years past. But that is something that is still a couple of months away. I have things in the more immediate future to focus on.

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