Ginny and I sitting on the Bed

Thursday Ramblings: I Got My Nickel Back!!!

Yesterday was National Dog Day. I was completely unaware of this fact and that’s why I didn’t write anything about Ginny. I was surprised to learn that it was National Dog Day because Ginny has me conditioned to think that every day is National Dog Day. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that Ginny has me convinced that every day is National Ginny Day. Ginny’s 15th birthday is coming up next month and so I was planning to write more about her then. But in the meantime, enjoy the featured image of this post. The picture is about 14 months old and neither Ginny or I is too excited to be in it. That will not come as a shock to anyone who has read this.

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Scammed Once but not Twice

The other day I got a call from the phone number 1-800-704-0855. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I got about 9 calls from 1-800-704-0855. I don’t answer any phone call from a number not in my phone. If you call me and you’re number is not in my phone I will not pick up. Leave a voice mail identifying who you are and what you want and I will call you back. Don’t leave a voice mail and the chances I call you back are zero.

A search of google said that the number was associated with Wells Fargo. Only there was a lot of mixed opinion as to whether or not that was true or a number used by scammers trying to get a person’s Wells Fargo information. I can now confirm that the number is in fact legitimate.

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