I didn’t have a bad day

I realize that my most recent post was a bit of a downer. Mind you, I didn’t think of it in those terms but I can certainly understand why a reader might have felt that way. The reason I don’t consider it to be a downer is that I was merely expressing the reality or the facts of my situation. It is one of those ‘it is what it is’ type of things.

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September Struggles

September has arrived. If you read my previous entry, you might recall that I mentioned this month as being the least favorite month of the year for me.
This came up in a recent conversation I had with a friend who has his own struggles with anxiety and depression. I pointed out that it would probably surprise a great many of my closest friends to know that September is my least favorite month because there are things that on paper should make September a month I look forward to each year. But despite those reasons I am about to list, it has never been true.

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South Dakota State Fair 2015

Yesterday, I went to the South Dakota State Fair as planned. My mom can and got me at around 2 PM so I could do my thing.
My oldest brother had reserved a parking space for my parents just a couple blocks away from one of the gates. It is a good thing they did otherwise, it would have just been easier for mom and I to get on the bus at Wal-Mart or whereever and ride it there considering how far away some people were parking.

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September 2015 Positivity List

In yesterday’s post, I suggested that it might be a good idea for me to list all of the different things i am looking forward to over the next month. I reason that if I list all of those things each month it will serve as a reminder that I have positive things going on and perhaps doing this on a regular basis will help to provide stability to my mood. Besides, it is one new post a month for this blog.

The things I will list could be mondain to some people and to others it could be something that they are either not interested in or actually dreading. I’ll list each one and then talk about it briefly.

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