Would You Rather? #9: Whatcha Talkin’ bout Moe?

The title of today’s bonus game of Would You Rather is dedicated to my friend Mia. There’s no special reason other than that I know it will make her smile and I love doing that for her.

Anyway, you’re getting two of these this week. Yesterday, I tackled a sports related question that I could not resist. However, that was actually the second question I got when I went to Either.io this week. Today’s question was the first to come up. Usually, I go with the first question but refresh the page just to see what the next random question would have been. I loved that sports question but I also wanted to do this one and thus you’re getting two. Besides now I don’t have to write another post while watching football. In fact, I may do one of these on Saturday and one on Sunday for as long as football season is going on. We shall see.

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