Quick Hits

I don’t have a particular topic for today’s post. This is going to be a post of quick hits. I’m sharing some stuff that’s on my mind that either doesn’t merit a full post or might but I don’t feel like writing it.

My shoulders hurt. I don’t know if I’m sleeping on them in a weird way but they bother me when I’m awake.

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Sioux Falls Trip

Today was my road trip to Sioux Falls with a friend. It was a lot of fun and it was also quite productive. The whole thing came together on short notice, I would say we discussed it about 3 weeks ago and confirmed plans to go the week after that which is a lot less time than it usually takes to plan a trip. That’s probably because it was just the two of us and we were not beholdened to anyone else’s time schedule or when they could get off of work.

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Out of Town

Tomorrow I will be going to Sioux Falls for the afternoon. I haven’t really been out of town since I was in Sioux Falls to celebrate my birthday back in January. The only other time I went out of town was in May I went to Mitchell for the afternoon but I don’t really count that since that’s not an especially lengthy drive and I wasn’t even there that long.

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