Why I May Remain Single Forever Despite not Wanting To

Suppose for a moment that a new grocery store opens in your neighborhood. One day you decide to go and check it out. You walk in and are immediately impressed because the store seems to be stocked with anything you could possibly want.
As you walk around looking at all the itmes, you notice something strange. None of the items have a pricetag and not only that there are no checkout stations.
Perplexed, you walk over to the owner of the store and ask him to explain. He tells you that his store works differently from any other. You walk in, tell him what you need, how much you need and how often you need it. He proceeds to retrieve every item on your list, bag it up, take it to your car and then follow you home in his vehicle so that he can unpack all the groceries and put them away according to your direction.
So you ask how much this is going to cost you. He explains that all you need to do is tell him thank you or how much you appreciated what he did when he is done. Since you don’t need to give him any money there is no need for a pricetag on any item and there is no need for the checkout lines either. What would you think of a store that opporated in that manner?
I believe that there are two things that I could say about such a store that are likely to be true. The first is that such a store would be incredibly popular. The second thing is that such a store would not last long.

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