Voice Post: ‘The Faithful Spy’ and Hitting a Wall

This post contains a brief overview (and may contain mild spoiler information) of Alex Berenson’s ‘The Faithful Spy’ which I am currently reading. After that, I discuss how I’m feeling today and conclude with more book talk about my recent purchase of ‘A Fatal Thaw’ the second Kate Shugak novel by Dana Stabenow.

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Voice Post: Happy Birthday, Euan~!

This is a little bit less depressing than today’s written entry. I wish my friend Euan a happy birthday. It only now occurs to me that I did not explain Euan’s nickname “Wandering Euan” which was given to him by me but exists because Ric Gillespie can’t read a map.

Voice Post: Bad Language

The reason for this post is not even clear to me right now but the topic came to mind and I decided to talk about it. I can say that if I were doing strictly written posts, I might never have addressed this particular subject.

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Voice Post: Braille Tutorial

This post is a companion to my post about reading. This is a quick (quick by my standards not by normal people standards) tutorial on Braille. I didn’t go too in depth into how it was developed/invented but a Google search of Louis Braille should fill in that information for you.

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Voice Post: WWE ‘Royal Rumble 2016’ Reaction

This is the first of two voice posts I will be putting up today. This one deals entirely with the 2016 ‘Royal Rumble’ which I watched last night.

I haven’t looked online to see how other people are reacting to the show and so I don’t know if my scenario is being posed by anyone else but this is how I would have done things.

The other voice post that I will put up later is a companion to my previous post.

Voice Post: Royal Rumble, Chili, Heightened Senses and Blindness Frustrations

This audio post is longer than yesterday’s. I covered several topics, I talked briefly about the Royal Rumble and why I’m not going to be eating chili tonight. Then I answered a couple of questions about being blind. One on whether or not I have heightened senses and the other on the most frustrating aspect.

I hope that if you listen you find it interesting. If you need a nap after you’re done, I understand.

I also hope you check out my previous written post about dreams.

Trying a voice post

In my post from the other day, I mentioned hating my voice. Consider this post as a way for you all to decide if my not liking my voice is merited or not. My high school drama teacher said I had a beautiful voice but I’m pretty sure she was hard of hearing.

After I recorded this, I realized that this could be a way to add more content. I might put up a lengthy post each day about whatever is on my mind and follow it later with an audio post of just random things. It would be good practice for doing longer podcasts again down the road.

The only issue is that I have to edit the title and add any text I might want after the post has been published.