Would You Rather? #10: Work Sucks

Welcome to the tenth edition of Would you rather? the game where I am given two choices and must pick between them. I did not one, but two of these last week. Thanks to being sick all week, I may be back to just this one this week. We shall see on Sunday.

Anyway, as usual the question comes to us from the website Either.io. Enough with the introducing with words, time to get down to brass tax.

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Would You Rather? #9: Whatcha Talkin’ bout Moe?

The title of today’s bonus game of Would You Rather is dedicated to my friend Mia. There’s no special reason other than that I know it will make her smile and I love doing that for her.

Anyway, you’re getting two of these this week. Yesterday, I tackled a sports related question that I could not resist. However, that was actually the second question I got when I went to Either.io this week. Today’s question was the first to come up. Usually, I go with the first question but refresh the page just to see what the next random question would have been. I loved that sports question but I also wanted to do this one and thus you’re getting two. Besides now I don’t have to write another post while watching football. In fact, I may do one of these on Saturday and one on Sunday for as long as football season is going on. We shall see.

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Would You Rather? #8: Super Bowl or World Series

Welcome back to Would You Rather the game where I am given two choices and must pick which of them is most appealing to me. Last week, we discussed which period of time we’d want to visit, the beginning of civilization or the end of it.

This week Either.io gave me a question I could sink my teeth into.

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Would You Rather? #7?: Genesis or Revelation

Welcome to week 7 of Would You Rather, the game where I am given two options and must choose which one I prefer. Then at the end, I provide you with those same two choices and you get to vote for your own.

As always, the question this week comes to us from Either.io. Last week it was all about sleep, either too much or not enough of it. Thanks to Ric Gillespie for weighing in and agreeing that he should never be allowed to handle a chainsaw. As for this week, you might have already guessed the topic based on the subject line of the post.

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Would You Rather? #4: Guaranteed to Make Anyone Very Unpopular

It is time once again for my weekly game of Would You Rather where I am given two options and have to break them down before deciding which one I would rather pick.

Last week I was forced to chose between having my stupidity pointed out or being forced to fess up to it. This week’s question is not quite as probing but that is going to happen. As usual, the question this week comes from Either.io.

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Forrest Gump is a very wise man

Would you rather? #3: A Stupid Question

I’m back for week three of Would You Rather? the game where I am given two choices and must pick between the two of them.

Last week, I had to pick between watching only comedy or only watching drama. This week is all about stupidity.

As usual, the question comes to you this week courtesy of Either.io.

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