Podcast Plus: Ray Greenley Interview

It is time for this week’s edition of Podcast Plus where I look at Episode 3.03 featuring audiobook narrator and all-around good guy Ray Greenley. As we discuss on the episode, this one was a long time in the making.

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Podcast Plus: A Pair of Chats with Rich Miller

This week’s Podcast Plus is a bit late but it covers episode 3.02 which is my chat with audiobook narrator Rich Miller. This comes on the heels of My appearance on his podcast, The Audiobook Speakeasy, last Sunday/Monday. It is the crossover event of 2018 at least so far. I mean, how many other crossover events have their been this year?

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Podcast Plus: Tribute to Melissa

This week’s episode of Talking Audiobooks is now available. This one is a tribute dedicated to the memory of my friend Melissa.

Oh yeah, click here for your chance to win an Amazon Echo Dot to celebrate the end of our second season. I got an Echo Dot from producer Ken a few weeks ago and I am already addicted to it. I like playing Jeopardy
and other games on it since it is audio based it is accessible. I have even gotten Alexa to tell ‘Yo Mamma’ jokes which is a fantastic development.

Okay, so let’s get to the podcast plus portion of things by talking about this week’s show.

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Podcast Plus: Sale Alert 10/23/2017

When I write a podcast plus it is to tell you something about each episode of the show that I have done. This one is a cross between an explanation of the reasons episodes like this get made in the first place and an explanation of how I make them.

On this Sale Alert episode of Talking Audiobooks I talk the current sale at Audible of audiobooks for kids.

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Podcast Plus: The AudiobookWorm Interviews Me

I tried this idea last week and am continuing it here. This is podcast plus where I tell you about this week’s episode of Talking Audiobooks including things that aren’t necessarily apparent by listening to it. On this episode of Talking Audiobooks the tables are turned on me. I go from interviewer to interview subject as Jess the AudiobookWorm asks me about audiobooks, podcasting, time travel and other topics.

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Podcast Plus: S2:E21 of Talking Audiobooks with Nina Munteanu and Dawn Harvey

I want to do a little something different on my blog. I’m hoping it will get me to write more often and will also help bring my blog and podcast closer together. I’m calling this Podcast Plus. It will be a post where I plug each week’s episode of the podcast but then offer some comments related to the episode that aren’t things you’d necessarily know by listening.

Season #2, Episode #21 of Talking Audiobooks can be found here. This one features an interview I did with author Nina Munteanu and narrator Dawn Harvey. That’s the podcast, the plus is below the cut.

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