Would You Rather? #8: Super Bowl or World Series

Welcome back to Would You Rather the game where I am given two choices and must pick which of them is most appealing to me. Last week, we discussed which period of time we’d want to visit, the beginning of civilization or the end of it.

This week Either.io gave me a question I could sink my teeth into.

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Football is Officially Back!

Yes, people, football season is officially here. Some of you probably thought it was officially here last night when the first game of the season was played. No, football is officially back today with the return of ‘Carl’s Stone Cold Lock of the Century…of the Week’.

I would advise watching the video for entertainment purposes only. Previous experience says that picking the way Carl does can only result in someone named Louie the Fist coming to break your kneecaps.

Pro Football Season Starts Tomorrow, Get Those Picks In

Pro football season starts tomorrow night when the New England Patriots square off with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

You still have time to get into my pro football and survival pick’em groups on Yahoo! It is free to play and open to anyone who can read this…which would be anyone. The details are after the jump.

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Monday Ramblings

Once again I find myself in that odd position of needing to write today without having much to say. Actually, I have a few things I would like to say but I need to flesh them out a little better before posting them. Even the posts that I write within a day are usually things I have thought out for awhile now.

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Random Catastrophe is Ready for Some Football

I love football. I believe anyone who doesn’t love football is a Ric Gillespie and nobody wants to be one of those. Trust me on this, I’ve asked around.

As has been tradition for the past several seasons, I have created some pick’em challenge groups at Yahoo. They are free to play and are open to anyone who is reading this and is willing to join. The more people that join, the more people who will beat Euan when he forgets to make his picks.

All of what you will need to join can be found after the jump.

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