Voice Post: Battling Boredom

Today’s voice post is done as an attempt to stave off the evil forces of boredom. So basically I talk about my day so far and my current frame of mind regarding my mood.

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Fear Leads to Anger but Anger Doesn’t Lead to Writing

Yesterday’s post from No Passing Fancy, combined with a recent development in my own life got me to thinking. Near the end of Friday’s Voice Post I mentioned that something had happened and I was considering ranting about it.
Without going into too many details, the reason I wanted to rant is because someone had made a comment in a text message that I did not really appreciate. The comment hurt my feelings and did not exactly make me want to talk to that individual anytime in the near or far future. This does not mean I won’t talk to them just that I might not go out of my way to do so.

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So Much for Writing Daily

When I started this website I did so with the idea that I would write daily. I established that as the goal because I figured it would help to make me a better writer. How could I not improve when I was forced to write even when there was no obvious topic on which I felt I should write?

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