I’m Not the Only One Who Loves Star Wars Audiobooks

StarWars.com has an article discussing Star Wars Audiobooks. The article features quotes from the two most prolific Star Wars audiobook narrators, Jonathan Davis and Marc Thompson.

Obviously I love Star Wars Audiobooks, I’ve reviewed a ton of them on the site as you can tell by searching the archives.

If truth be known I can’t think of too many Star Wars audiobooks I didn’t like. There were some books I didn’t necessarily think were all that great but a great performance by a narrator can really make a difference.

I think that both Davis and Thompson do a tremendous job with the narration and they each have different strengths that they bring to the table.

As technology has progressed even with a visual impairment, I can read pretty much any book I want in some form or another. I could read an electronic version using voice over on my phone or computer, I could listen to an audiobook or there is always Braille. But I don’t think I would enjoy Star Wars books as much in a format other than Audio. I’d get annoyed by software mispronouncing names of places and the like.

I’ve said this many times and will continue to say so in the future, Star Wars has been blessed with some very talented Audiobook narrators. Thompson, Davis, January LaVoy, Jeff Gurner and Daniel Davis have all done a great job the past few years.