Dogs, Books and Books About Dogs

As I pointed out in yesterday’s post, it would be a mistake to suggest that the fact I had a good day was the start of a trend. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t the start of one either just that we needed to see what would happen next.
Sunday ended up being a day of problems which then turned uneventful. I had a heck of a time falling asleep last night. I could not get comfortable at all for awhile and that was mostly because my legs itched like crazy. It kept me up way longer than I wanted to be. I also had trouble finding something to fall asleep to and settled on ‘The Simpsons’. If you don’t know, I have trouble with complete silence so usually listen to a book or watch TV as I drift off to sleep. Nothing seemed to work last night even when I could get comfortable. Eventually, the itching stopped and I was able to get comfortable and fall asleep.
The rest of the day I spent reading, exchanging some text message, listening to a podcast and working on a project which I will discuss below the cut.

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