Commercial Free Hulu

Today, Hulu announced a new commercial free service for $11.99 a month. This means there are essentially three different versions of Hulu for you to pick from if you are so inclined.
The first is the free version. Can’t be watched on a mobile device, tablet or streaming box. Has less content than the pay version and it also runs with ads.
The $7.99/month plan. You can watch on mobile, tablet and streaming devices, have a wider content library and it does still contain ads.
The $11.99/month version. Features the same content lineup but with the exception of 7 series from ABC and NBC runs without commercial interruption.

So the question I must ask myself, is $4 extra per month worth it for no commercial interruption? I say no commercial interruption because the 7 series that will still contain commercials are not shows I ever watch.

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A Question of Worth

Towards the end of each month, I sit down with my spreadsheet. I take my current bank balance and put it in one column. In the next column I put deposits and in the third column I put withdrawls. In the final column I have it calculate my bank balance after considering all three of those factors.

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