Podcast Plus: Harmon Cooper and Jeff Hays interview

Season 3 of Talking Audiobooks is back and a lot has changed. For one thing we have a newly redesigned website which you can check out at the link provided. We also have a new app which you can use to listen to the podcast and register to join our community and to have your name automatically entered into every giveaway we make available.

Our first episode features a chat with LitRPG author Harmon Cooper and audiobook narrator Jeff Hays for an in depth chat about all things Proxima Galaxy and audiobook narration.

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Talking Audiobooks Season 3 Premier Promo

There it is, our season 3 premier promo. This episode is going to be a lot of fun as Harmon and Jeff were both fantastic guests. If you love Audiobooks you’ll enjoy this one because it is going to be much longer than some audiobooks.