Author’s Note: This entry doesn’t make sense unless you’ve read my Jillian Cage short story that I posted the other day.

On Sunday, I got a piece of feedback on my Jillian Cage story that I knew was coming sooner or later. I new it was coming because it was something that I had been thinking about a lot ever since I came up with the character in the first place.

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Moving Forward

I spent some time this morning writing and editing my Jillian Cage story. I hope you all read the story I posted yesterday although I know that some people were unaware that I had paginated the post and as a result did not see the story until I pointed out it was on page 2. If you missed the story click here and you’ll be taken directly to the second page of yesterday’s post where it will be found.

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Allow me to Introduce Jillian Cage

Okay, so today I decided to share online what I have only shared in private with a few people. I’ve discussed this project long enough but now I’m actually going to prove that it exists in some form outside of just my brain. I am posting the second short story I wrote involving my main character Jillian Cage.

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