Getting September Off to a Good Start

Last week, I wrote a post detailing the follow-up to my original post regarding issues I had ordering TripleMania XXIII. Honestly, I thought that would be the end of it. Things were solved and I was happy. I was just a guy expressing my appreciation in a world where it seems only the complainers speak because the contented are…content.

I found out this morning that this was not the end of the story and that it got even better. You can file this under the “it pays to say nice things” category.

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TripleMania XXIII, Midcontinent Still Rocks and Customer Service Thoughts

It is late August and as I do towards the end of each month, I check my cable bill. It was extra important to check it this month given the issues I had with TripleMania XXIII.
If you read that post, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that there were issues with my bill. If you read that post, you will also not be surprised to learn that Midcontinent Communications took care of the problem in a quick and very fair manner.

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