On Sunday, I put up a post giving you the chance to ask me questions which I would answer in a future post. The response has been underwhelming. I put that same thing on Facebook and was asked a few questions and have done my best to answer them all.
My friend Amanda (check out her blog) asked me a few questions. They were mostly general information questions because she and I don’t know each other all that well in some ways.
The first question was about the music I liked to listen to and the second was about my favorite food. This led to us discussing cooking and how we both enjoy it but it isn’t so fun to cook for one all the time. I mentioned in the middle of that conversation that I think cooking a meal together is a good activity to do on a date. As I was getting ready for bed I decided that talking about this would make for a good post and decided that I wouldn’t wait until the morning to write it.

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Voice Post: Royal Rumble, Chili, Heightened Senses and Blindness Frustrations

This audio post is longer than yesterday’s. I covered several topics, I talked briefly about the Royal Rumble and why I’m not going to be eating chili tonight. Then I answered a couple of questions about being blind. One on whether or not I have heightened senses and the other on the most frustrating aspect.

I hope that if you listen you find it interesting. If you need a nap after you’re done, I understand.

I also hope you check out my previous written post about dreams.

No Passing Fancy

The first thing I want to tell you all today is that I am officially on cloud 9. We’ll talk about how I got here in a bit but stating that I am on cloud 9 is the most important thing. Even a week ago I wasn’t so sure I was going to see cloud 9 agaain and certainly not this soon. Yet, here we are.
I had a good day. I even managed to have a good day with only about 4.5 hours worth of sleep. Sometimes it is true that how you sleep is more critical than how long you sleep because I feel pretty well-rested right now.

The next thing I want to say is that the offer in my last post still stands. If you want to ask me a direct question, I will answer anything honestly.

Now we’re going to talk about some of the things that I have learned recently and how they have helped to change my mood at least for now. Granted, things can always change again but this is about how I got here.

First, my friend I Like the Remix said I have inspired her to write again. I suspect this will last until I start asking her to edit my audiobook reviews again and yes, some will be coming soon.

I’ve mentioned my new friend a few times and I will several more I’m sure. But it is the conversation we had today that has helped leave me in a better state of find, for now. I’m not going to share a lot of specifics about our talk because private is private for many reasons but I can illustrate a few things without much in the way of specific details.

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Then we’re in Agreement: We’ll never Speak Again but Talk Every Day

A few years ago while I was receiving some training in Sioux Falls, I got together for dinner with my High School German teacher who now lives there. We had a nice talk about a lot of different subjects including how much things have changed since I was in High School.

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