Issues #1

In Yesterday’s Post I talked about how Ginny was the ultimate distraction and that as a result there were a lot of things that I never really processed while she was alive that are now coming back with a vengeance since she has gone.
She was the ultimate distraction because rather than think about how heart broken I was after ending the most normal relationship I had ever been in, I could just walk over and snuggle with her until the feeling passed.

It then hit me that part of my problem is not being able to determine in which order I should try and deal with these things. They all came at once and so the first logical step by my way of thinking is to sort them all out. I’m not sure I can identify everything but I figure that I can identify the biggest ones and if I can work through those anything else that might creep up will seem minor by comparison.

I’m not necessarily putting these in order but I am going to try and follow a linear timeline to a certain degree.

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