No Passing Fancy

The first thing I want to tell you all today is that I am officially on cloud 9. We’ll talk about how I got here in a bit but stating that I am on cloud 9 is the most important thing. Even a week ago I wasn’t so sure I was going to see cloud 9 agaain and certainly not this soon. Yet, here we are.
I had a good day. I even managed to have a good day with only about 4.5 hours worth of sleep. Sometimes it is true that how you sleep is more critical than how long you sleep because I feel pretty well-rested right now.

The next thing I want to say is that the offer in my last post still stands. If you want to ask me a direct question, I will answer anything honestly.

Now we’re going to talk about some of the things that I have learned recently and how they have helped to change my mood at least for now. Granted, things can always change again but this is about how I got here.

First, my friend I Like the Remix said I have inspired her to write again. I suspect this will last until I start asking her to edit my audiobook reviews again and yes, some will be coming soon.

I’ve mentioned my new friend a few times and I will several more I’m sure. But it is the conversation we had today that has helped leave me in a better state of find, for now. I’m not going to share a lot of specifics about our talk because private is private for many reasons but I can illustrate a few things without much in the way of specific details.

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