Decision Points

I was offered a job the other day. Before I go into that more I need to explain something. I have generally found that work and the possibility of work aren’t the best things to blog about since employers and potential employers can google your name pretty easily and the things you say on your blog could come back to haunt you. That’s a risk even if you don’t talk about work. Looking at your blog can give them alook into your political and religious beliefs despite the fact that they’re not allowed to ask about those things in an interview. The Internet and social media have changed the game forever in that respect. So there’s always some risk.

But I want some advice and so I have to risk discussing this job opportunity. I will not name the potential employer nor will I discuss the task that I would be hired to do. Not mentioning the specific task presents a difficult situation for me, however. I am not mentioning it so that it doesn’t bias in one way or another the advice that I might receive. I also don’t want to make it seem like I am denigrating anyone who would happen to be doing this for a living. I don’t consider myself to be above the work at all but there are reasons that might make it a bad fit for me because of my own life experiences, misgivings and phobias. However, not identifying the task makes it harder for me to explain the issues that I have with it. So I am actually making it harder for someone to give me advice because I’m keeping some vital information vague. Still, I’m having a hard time with this one and so I have to at least try.

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