2015 Year in Review

When I reviewed the year 2014 I said it was a bad year and I was happy to see it go. Little did I know that it would not be long into 2015 before I was longing for the days of 2014.
A couple of bad things happened to me in 2014. I had a falling out with a couple of friends which was terrible. I broke up with my girlfriend, whom I was quite fond of and the reasons for that breakup are still not entirely clear to me almost 2 years later. Those two things by themselves were enough to make for a bad year but they were nothing compared to 2015.

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2015 Year in Books

This post is a recap of my year in reading for the year 2015. If you learn nothing else about me from reading this post, you will learn that I love to keep track of statistics. Even statistics that have no value to anyone else.

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Happy 2016

Happy 2016 to all of you out there. For many reasons that I will cover in a future post, I am happy to see 2015 fade away. The last week of the year was not good and that was kind of a theme for the whole year. On Monday, I put my dog to sleep. Wednesday there was a death in the family. Yesterday, I found out that another beloved family member suffered a stroke and heart attack. I also seem to be coming down with a cold, so things are not going so great right now.

I want to write about something else today. I want to list some of my goals for 2016. These are things I’d like to accomplish in the new year. This list doesn’t include every goal I’ve got in mind for myself this year but it does feature those that are the most in my control. For example, I could say that in 2016 I would like to get a new job. But that depends in part on someone being willing to hire me.

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End of Summer 2015

The calendar may declare that we have a couple of weeks yet but for me, Labor Day does signal the end of summer. It goes back to my childhood. The South Dakota State Fair would always conclude it’s run on Labor Day and the next day would see the start of school.

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South Dakota State Fair 2015

Yesterday, I went to the South Dakota State Fair as planned. My mom can and got me at around 2 PM so I could do my thing.
My oldest brother had reserved a parking space for my parents just a couple blocks away from one of the gates. It is a good thing they did otherwise, it would have just been easier for mom and I to get on the bus at Wal-Mart or whereever and ride it there considering how far away some people were parking.

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