Saying goodbye to things I used to Enjoy

Today is the day that I officially said my goodbye as a fan of the NFL and the Oakland Raiders. This has actually been something that has slowly been happening over the past few years but today was the absolute final straw.

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Hello everyone. I’m taking a bracket break to update my blog for the first time in way too long. My reasons for not having written sooner are many but can best be summed up as laziness. At least I’m honest, right?
Let us see if I can’t catch you all up on the “happenings” in my life. This shouldn’t take too long but probably will take longer than it should.

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College Bowl Pick’Em

I know it is late with the first bowl games starting tomorrow but I did set up a pick’em group for this year’s action on Yahoo.

Joining is free and easy. Simply click here to get started. Join a private group and enter the ID 14533. The password is Nakamura.

Once you’ve joined the group, simply predict the winner of each bowl game and you are good to go.

If you can read this, you are welcome to join.

Have fun!

Podcasts, Presents and Raider Football

On Friday afternoon, I recorded my interview for the Talking Audiobooks podcast. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I wasn’t really sure that I would have a lot to offer by way of conversation. I tend to feel that way about a lot of things, isn’t there someone who you could get that would be better than me?
But as the interview drew closer over the past few days I got more excited and felt more energized. I came up with some points that I thought were valid and I was able to work them in as the interview progressed.

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Catching You Up

Hello, all. I hope this post finds you all doing well. Obviously, it has been awhile since I have written anything and probably longer since I wrote anything worth reading. I hope to start reversing that trend soon but make no guarantees. I did think it would be a good time to catch everyone up on what has been happening or what will be happening in my life.

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Wednesday isn’t Thursday

I don’t know why Wednesdays trick me into thinking that they’re Thursdays but they do. I had this same thing happen two weeks ago where I spent a lot of Wednesday thinking it was Thursday. I blame it on the Schwans man. When he comes every other Wednesday, something happens that makes me think it is Thursday.

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My Sports Relationships

Yesterday, I expressed my desire on Facebook that everyone have fun regardless of whether or not they would be watching the Super Bowl. I then pointed out that I would not be watching the game and was asked why.
It was that question, in combination with reading a post on a blog that I follow that got me thinking about my relationship to sports. For better or worse, this post is an overview of my history with sports and how I consume them.

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Voice Post: Royal Rumble, Chili, Heightened Senses and Blindness Frustrations

This audio post is longer than yesterday’s. I covered several topics, I talked briefly about the Royal Rumble and why I’m not going to be eating chili tonight. Then I answered a couple of questions about being blind. One on whether or not I have heightened senses and the other on the most frustrating aspect.

I hope that if you listen you find it interesting. If you need a nap after you’re done, I understand.

I also hope you check out my previous written post about dreams.

Sioux Falls Trip

Today was my road trip to Sioux Falls with a friend. It was a lot of fun and it was also quite productive. The whole thing came together on short notice, I would say we discussed it about 3 weeks ago and confirmed plans to go the week after that which is a lot less time than it usually takes to plan a trip. That’s probably because it was just the two of us and we were not beholdened to anyone else’s time schedule or when they could get off of work.

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Would You Rather? #8: Super Bowl or World Series

Welcome back to Would You Rather the game where I am given two choices and must pick which of them is most appealing to me. Last week, we discussed which period of time we’d want to visit, the beginning of civilization or the end of it.

This week gave me a question I could sink my teeth into.

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Football is Officially Back!

Yes, people, football season is officially here. Some of you probably thought it was officially here last night when the first game of the season was played. No, football is officially back today with the return of ‘Carl’s Stone Cold Lock of the Century…of the Week’.

I would advise watching the video for entertainment purposes only. Previous experience says that picking the way Carl does can only result in someone named Louie the Fist coming to break your kneecaps.

Pro Football Season Starts Tomorrow, Get Those Picks In

Pro football season starts tomorrow night when the New England Patriots square off with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

You still have time to get into my pro football and survival pick’em groups on Yahoo! It is free to play and open to anyone who can read this…which would be anyone. The details are after the jump.

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College Football Pick’em Starts This Week

This is the first week of College Football Pick’em. We’ve got 14 exciting weeks of College Football ahead of us and we’ve got 14 exciting weeks of wondering if my friend Euan remembered to pick the games or not.

So far, only 5 people have signed up for our College Pick’em group on Yahoo! we can do better than that. If you can read this post and want to play, you are more than welcome.

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