If You Have Questions, I Have Answers

I haven’t written anything in awhile. In part, I haven’t really had anything specifically on my mind to write about. I still don’t really but thought I would try this. I’ve tried this before and gotten zero response but things change over time and I always pick up new readers. So you can help determine the direction or content of a future post.

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No Passing Fancy loves her coffee, she drinks several of these cups a day

The Name Game

So my friend put up a new post explaining how she chose the name for her blog and how she ended up with her Skype Username. Never one to shy away from stealing someone elses idea, or their “coffee cup” (inside joke) I decided that I would swipe this topic as well. And just so she doesn’t get too jealous, check out ILikeTheRemix.com because she’s a good writer as well.

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Trying a voice post

In my post from the other day, I mentioned hating my voice. Consider this post as a way for you all to decide if my not liking my voice is merited or not. My high school drama teacher said I had a beautiful voice but I’m pretty sure she was hard of hearing.

After I recorded this, I realized that this could be a way to add more content. I might put up a lengthy post each day about whatever is on my mind and follow it later with an audio post of just random things. It would be good practice for doing longer podcasts again down the road.

The only issue is that I have to edit the title and add any text I might want after the post has been published.

Two Consecutive Months of Writing

I have now officially written every day for two straight months. Well, that’s not exactly true. I have posted a new entry every day for two consecutive months but have actually not written daily. That’s the beauty of being able to bank a few entries at a time.

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TripleMania XXIII post coming later tonight!

I have ordered tonight’s ‘TripleMania 23’ event on Pay-Per-View. Back in the old days, you know, 2007-2009, I used to live blog shows like this. I thought about doing that tonight but decided against it. What I am going to do is write down some observations during the show and post them when it is all over.

It should be fun, I have some friends coming over and the card will contain no small amount of whackiness. Come back here later to see how many jokes I make about Villano III’s age.

Welcome to RandomCatastrophe.net!

Welcome to the first post on the new Random Catastrophe website. This post is just an outline of what you can expect to see coming in the not too distant future. If you want a little bit of history on how this website came to be, I suggest you check out the site’s front page for the details.

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