2017 Goals

As a rule, I don’t make new year’s resolutions. It has been my experience that those never work out. Likely because people tend to aim higher then they intend to reach. Besides, you need not make big changes to your life on January 1, if you’re really sincere about losing weight or finding a new job that can as easily be started in July as it is in January.
Also, there are some goals that aren’t worth obtaining. Last year, I tried to write every day. It was my goal to put up a new post each day. I did for awhile, then I didn’t at all. I realized that posting every day was fine if I had something to say but if I didn’t it became a chor and I stopped enjoying my blog altogether.

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Catching Up

I haven’t really written much as of late. Yes, I have put up some posts related to Audiobook news but I don’t really count that as writing. I don’t count that because those posts are easy and don’t require much in the way of creativity. They are based on facts, what is on sale, when is it on sale, how long is it on sale, where is it on sale and so on. I can hammer out posts like those without much effort or enthusiasm. I don’t mean that to sound like I don’t want to write those posts only to say it doesn’t take a lot of motivation to get me to write one of those posts.

The last post I wrote that I put a lot of thought into and revealed something about myself was back on May the third. That’s a far cry from my stated goal from earlier this year to write something on this blog every day.

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If You Have Questions, I Have Answers

I haven’t written anything in awhile. In part, I haven’t really had anything specifically on my mind to write about. I still don’t really but thought I would try this. I’ve tried this before and gotten zero response but things change over time and I always pick up new readers. So you can help determine the direction or content of a future post.

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Author’s Note: This entry doesn’t make sense unless you’ve read my Jillian Cage short story that I posted the other day.

On Sunday, I got a piece of feedback on my Jillian Cage story that I knew was coming sooner or later. I new it was coming because it was something that I had been thinking about a lot ever since I came up with the character in the first place.

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Moving Forward

I spent some time this morning writing and editing my Jillian Cage story. I hope you all read the story I posted yesterday although I know that some people were unaware that I had paginated the post and as a result did not see the story until I pointed out it was on page 2. If you missed the story click here and you’ll be taken directly to the second page of yesterday’s post where it will be found.

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Allow me to Introduce Jillian Cage

Okay, so today I decided to share online what I have only shared in private with a few people. I’ve discussed this project long enough but now I’m actually going to prove that it exists in some form outside of just my brain. I am posting the second short story I wrote involving my main character Jillian Cage.

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Voice Post: Can I Joke About That?

I sort of take pride in the fact that I have a good sense of humor. I love to laugh and even more than that I love to make people laugh. So I do make jokes, on a regular basis, about the fact that I am visually impaired. This voice post is an overview on my philosophy regarding that kind of humor. If you make it to the end, congratulations!

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Wednesday isn’t Thursday

I don’t know why Wednesdays trick me into thinking that they’re Thursdays but they do. I had this same thing happen two weeks ago where I spent a lot of Wednesday thinking it was Thursday. I blame it on the Schwans man. When he comes every other Wednesday, something happens that makes me think it is Thursday.

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Feeling Off

Today is one of those days where I am writing for the sake of posting every day. The truth is that I don’t really think I have all that much of interest to say today but as I have kept my goal to post something new every day, I would hate to see it end. Besides, getting out of the habit of posting regularly is pretty easy for me and I would hate for this blog to go silent even if its value is somewhat questionable.

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