Quality Time

I never know exactly where inspiration for one of my entries is going to come from but it is better than having no inspiration at all. I had a couple of ideas for today’s post but as I was lying in bed earlier, this one came in and shoved all of them aside.
The topic of quality time came to my mind because of some recent events in my life. Some of them I’ve discussed, some I have not and a couple that are continuing to unfold. So this isn’t a post that comes to you entirely from left field.

When my friend graduated from bible college a decade ago, he came home with two very specific things that he was quite high on when it came to the question of dealing with people and how best to deal with an individual.
He wanted to determine a person’s personality type and their love language. He talked about these two things in particular with such frequency that I actually managed to learn quite a bit without really being taught. Simply by listening to him I was able to start expounding on those topics myself after awhile.
As time has passed, my memory of personality types has faded to a large extent. However, for some reason I still recall quite a bit about love languages.

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Honesty is my Policy

This is the first time in 2016 that I have written more than one entry per day. Even when I posted multiple entries per day last year most often they were book reviews or something that didn’t relate to my own personal life. If you didn’t read my previous entry, I invite you to check that out as well.
I’m going to recommend that you check out her blog No Passing Fancy. I love the way she writes. I told her that I had pretty much pegged her age and I was able to do that in part because of her writing. She writes as someone who has experienced a lot in life which might have made me peg her as being older than she is but there is also still a sparkle of fun and youth that rings out in a number of her posts. She has experienced some difficulties in her life that are touched on in a few posts and still presses on and her love for her two children is quite apparent.
I’m not paying her those compliments because her most recent post is about things she’d like to see in South Dakota. I’m saying them because they are my honest assessments. This helpfully brings me back to the point of my post and the theme of honesty.

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Random Facts and Two Catastrophes

Last summer, I made the decision to fold my personal blog and my audiobook blog into one website. You can read more about that by clicking here. I uploaded all of my Audiobook reviews from that site but did not upload the news posts. I saved my personal blog to a file thinking I might upload it eventually but I never did so.
The benefit to not uploading those old posts are that I can revisit some of them and they will essentially be new content. Today’s post is an example of one that I have done previously but thought I would bring back now. I thought now would be a good time because I’ve picked up a few new readers since the year started and this exercise is one in which the reader will get to know me better and for me it is good to think about interesting tidbits about myself that I can share with others.

The inspiration came from a Facebook meme where you listed 25 random facts about yourself. I decided I would do that and post it on my website (I’ve always been a bit of a whore for traffic) and so that’s what I did. I didn’t limit it to 25 facts, however. We’ll see how many random facts this post ultimately contains by the time I’m done.

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I have been a Christian since accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior in my youth at roughly the age of 5. I haven’t regularly attended church in years and the last church service I attended was in November of 2011.
The reason I don’t attend church at the present is quite simple. I am actually holding on to one of my core beliefs by not attending church. I believe that for a Christian there is no place you should want to be or enjoy being at more than church. If you don’t want to be there, don’t enjoy yourself or view it as a chore then you’re better off not going. You’re not going to earn extra heaven points by going to church and having a miserable time.
Obviously, not everyone feels the same way I do on this particular issue. I have a friend who goes to church regularly. He never has fun, doesn’t really get anything out of being there, sometimes engages in other activities during the sermons to keep from falling asleep and has been very critical of a lot that goes on in his church. Yet unlike me, he still goes and I respect the fact that he does even if it sounds to me like he’d be a lot happier if he took himself out of it.

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Crossing My Lines

I truly am a nice person or at least that is what I try to be. One of the ways in which I try to live my life is to be kind to people. I try not to let my mood impact how I approach others. If I go out to eat, I could be having the worst day ever but I’m still going to be cheerful and polite with my waiter or waitress no matter what happens.
I want to be nice in that situation for a few reasons. The first is that they are not responsible for my bad day. They didn’t do anything to me, I just got to the restaurant, so taking it out on them is not what they deserve.
The second reason is that if I’m mean, I might be turning their good day bad or making their bad day worse. Neither of these two things is going to make me feel one bit better about myself.
However, if I am nice to them maybe that will improve their mood or their day. If that happens and they thank me, then there’s a chance I will also feel better.

When it comes to dealing with friends and family, it is a little harder. It is easier to let my anger or displeasure slip out. The reason for this is obvious. I have much more exposure time to friends and family than I do with someone taking my order and bringing me food at a restaurant. Even so, I do my best to try and be nice to friends and family regardless of mood.

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2015 Year in Review

When I reviewed the year 2014 I said it was a bad year and I was happy to see it go. Little did I know that it would not be long into 2015 before I was longing for the days of 2014.
A couple of bad things happened to me in 2014. I had a falling out with a couple of friends which was terrible. I broke up with my girlfriend, whom I was quite fond of and the reasons for that breakup are still not entirely clear to me almost 2 years later. Those two things by themselves were enough to make for a bad year but they were nothing compared to 2015.

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Depression, Relationships, and Life. Oh My!

Today, I am sad. I have no particular reason to be sad today but that doesn’t really matter very much.

I don’t know if I’ve written this out on this particular website but there is one thing that I have come to believe about depression.

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Friends, Family and Females

Last week, I intended to write a post discussing relationships. The introduction to that post contained a factoid about having no photographs of myself with any of my romantic partners. Eventually, the introduction became so long that I scrapped the whole thing and wrote about photographs instead.
I’m back again this week and hopefully I will be able to stay on my original topic since I have already gotten the thing about no pics with myself and any girlfriend out of the way. I will write about romantic relationships and that will probably be the focus of this entry but as you can see by my title, I intend to hit on a wider range of topics than just the romantic.

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Only Selfie...ever ...so far


When I first sat down to write this post it was going to be about romance. I still plan to write a post about that particular subject at some point in the very near future but as I started writing this post became about something else entirely. Rather than try and shove the post back on to the original subject or make it extra long by getting back to my originally planned point, I just decided not to fight it. So this is a post about pictures.

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