Hello everyone. I’m taking a bracket break to update my blog for the first time in way too long. My reasons for not having written sooner are many but can best be summed up as laziness. At least I’m honest, right?
Let us see if I can’t catch you all up on the “happenings” in my life. This shouldn’t take too long but probably will take longer than it should.

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ChristianAudio.com Free Download: Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans and Crystal Evans Hurst

Apologies for not getting to this earlier but the monthly free download from ChristianAudio.com is Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst. The book is summarized thusly:

In Kingdom Woman, Tony Evans and his daughter, Chrystal Evans Hurst, remind women of their calling from God to be free, delivered, healed, and hopeful. The authors bring insight that encourages women to correct distorted perceptions and understand who they really are in Christ. A kingdom woman is called and empowered to live a life of victory through Christ!

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Happy Easter

Given the meaning of this day, I thought now would be a good time to link to an article I wrote just two months ago. Christianity is the article where I shared my own Christian testimony. It is one of my favorite posts that I have written in nearly a decade of blogging on various topics.

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Voice Post: Bad Language

The reason for this post is not even clear to me right now but the topic came to mind and I decided to talk about it. I can say that if I were doing strictly written posts, I might never have addressed this particular subject.

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Thoughts on Fundamentalism that are Better Expressed by Someone Else

In my Christianity Post from earlier I put a great emphasis on the importance of timing.

I now know for certain that the timing for that article was right because of this post which I became aware of thanks to a friend.

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Today, because of a previous post from No Passing Fancy, I’m going to discuss a subject that I only rarely bring up on this blog. Today, I am going to talk about being a Christian. I briefly touched on why I am not an active church goer these days but will fill in more details here as well.
This post is going to be part testimony, part rationalization, part observation, part critique and hopefully entirely thought provoking.

First, I want to address the question of why I don’t write about this subject very often. My faith is very personal to me, more personal than anything else I’ve shared on this blog. This should tell you something because I talk about my life a lot and am very candid when I do. I’ve even allowed for the possibility that my candidness may work against me in the future. I’ve explained why that doesn’t really matter to me in this post.
But that’s really the more foundational reason. The reason that you can add on top of that is that I don’t necessarily feel that my blog is the best avenue to address this particular subject matter. I have no issue with discussing my faith with anyone who asks out of genuine interest. I have some issue with discussing it with someone who asks just to start an argument. This does not mean I won’t engage them (3.5 years worth of debate classes practically ensures I will) but it is not my favorite way to entertain myself.
I want to discuss this in a way that is productive. I think a one-on-one discussion is a more effective way for me to share this aspect of my life. If a person listens to what I have to say and affords me a greater amount of respect because of it, even if I have not persuaded them to the cause of Christianity, then I still come away with a victory in my view.

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I have been a Christian since accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior in my youth at roughly the age of 5. I haven’t regularly attended church in years and the last church service I attended was in November of 2011.
The reason I don’t attend church at the present is quite simple. I am actually holding on to one of my core beliefs by not attending church. I believe that for a Christian there is no place you should want to be or enjoy being at more than church. If you don’t want to be there, don’t enjoy yourself or view it as a chore then you’re better off not going. You’re not going to earn extra heaven points by going to church and having a miserable time.
Obviously, not everyone feels the same way I do on this particular issue. I have a friend who goes to church regularly. He never has fun, doesn’t really get anything out of being there, sometimes engages in other activities during the sermons to keep from falling asleep and has been very critical of a lot that goes on in his church. Yet unlike me, he still goes and I respect the fact that he does even if it sounds to me like he’d be a lot happier if he took himself out of it.

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The Gospel According to The Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the World’s Most Animated Family

The Gospel According to The Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the World’s Most Animated Family

The Gospel According to the Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the World’s Most Animated Family