Rest in Peace my Sweet Ginny Girl

A more fitting tribute will come later but an hour ago, I took my dog, my sweet Ginny to the vet and had her euthanized.

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So Much for Writing Daily

When I started this website I did so with the idea that I would write daily. I established that as the goal because I figured it would help to make me a better writer. How could I not improve when I was forced to write even when there was no obvious topic on which I felt I should write?

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Action Go Figure

Today, I want to write about wrestling action figures. I can’t really explain my desire to write about wrestling figures but it works out because I can’t think of what I would write about otherwise.

I had a lot of toys when I was a kid. I had Ghostbusters toys (I loved the Ecto-one so much) and Ninja Turtles but the ones I had the most of were wrestling figures.

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An Incredibly Rare Occurrence

Throughout the coarse of my life, there have been very few instances where I actively wished that I was not visually impaired. I know that I miss out on a lot of things because I’m visually Impaired but it almost never gets to the point where I wish it wasn’t so.
While I do miss out on a lot of things, the truth is that I have experienced a lot in my life and a lot of that I would not have experienced if I were a sighted individual.
Besides, I was born visually impaired, have been so for the whole of my life and even with medical advancements it is most likely that I will die visually impaired. So if I haven’t been able to change it up to now and if it isn’t going to change in the future, what good is complaining about it going to do me?

However, after saying all of that, today is one of those days where I do kind of wish that I wasn’t visually impaired.

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Ginny and I sitting on the Bed

Thursday Ramblings: I Got My Nickel Back!!!

Yesterday was National Dog Day. I was completely unaware of this fact and that’s why I didn’t write anything about Ginny. I was surprised to learn that it was National Dog Day because Ginny has me conditioned to think that every day is National Dog Day. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that Ginny has me convinced that every day is National Ginny Day. Ginny’s 15th birthday is coming up next month and so I was planning to write more about her then. But in the meantime, enjoy the featured image of this post. The picture is about 14 months old and neither Ginny or I is too excited to be in it. That will not come as a shock to anyone who has read this.

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Monday Ramblings

Once again I find myself in that odd position of needing to write today without having much to say. Actually, I have a few things I would like to say but I need to flesh them out a little better before posting them. Even the posts that I write within a day are usually things I have thought out for awhile now.

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Friends, Family and Females

Last week, I intended to write a post discussing relationships. The introduction to that post contained a factoid about having no photographs of myself with any of my romantic partners. Eventually, the introduction became so long that I scrapped the whole thing and wrote about photographs instead.
I’m back again this week and hopefully I will be able to stay on my original topic since I have already gotten the thing about no pics with myself and any girlfriend out of the way. I will write about romantic relationships and that will probably be the focus of this entry but as you can see by my title, I intend to hit on a wider range of topics than just the romantic.

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Only Selfie...ever far


When I first sat down to write this post it was going to be about romance. I still plan to write a post about that particular subject at some point in the very near future but as I started writing this post became about something else entirely. Rather than try and shove the post back on to the original subject or make it extra long by getting back to my originally planned point, I just decided not to fight it. So this is a post about pictures.

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