What do you look like?

Yesterday, I wrote about the question that I am asked more than any other as a person with a visual impairment. Today, I am going to write about the question I tend to ask other people more often than any other as a person with a visual impairment. What do you look like? Although, I tend to phrase it as “can you describe yourself”?

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How Much Can You See?

How much can you see? This question is the one I get asked more than any other when discussing my blindness. Typically, the person asking this question is sighted and is asking it because they believe that knowing how much I can or cannot see will give them some idea of my capabilities. Of course, it might help them understand some things but leave them confused in other ways.

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Time is Funny

Facebook has a feature called On This Day where you can see what you’ve posted on this day in previous years. I’ve never really been all that interested in this feature. I’ve looked at it from time to time but have posted only a handful of memories.

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Tired of the Fight?

Sometimes, I get tired of fighting. I wonder why it is that I always have to tell people the truth. Why can’t I just shut up and say nothing, isn’t that different from lying? If I kept my mouth shut I might feel the stress of guilt but is that really worse than making issues out of things that don’t need to be issues in the first place?

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Speak for Yourself

One of the difficulties with being visually impaired is that sometimes people don’t think I can speak for myself. When I am out to eat with someone or as part of a group, sometimes the other person will be asked what I am intending to order. I have a way to prevent this from happening that works pretty well. When the server comes to take our orders, I often order before anyone else. This takes away any chance that my company will be asked what I want to eat. It also saves the server some embarrassment because nobody is going to tell him/her to ask me instead of them.

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Not Driving You Crazy

I’ve been thinking a lot about driving lately. I haven’t been thinking about driving myself because I can’t but I have been thinking a bit about what that has meant in my life. There are a couple of reasons I believe driving has been on my mind.

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Voice Post: Can I Joke About That?

I sort of take pride in the fact that I have a good sense of humor. I love to laugh and even more than that I love to make people laugh. So I do make jokes, on a regular basis, about the fact that I am visually impaired. This voice post is an overview on my philosophy regarding that kind of humor. If you make it to the end, congratulations!

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Voice Post: Braille Tutorial

This post is a companion to my post about reading. This is a quick (quick by my standards not by normal people standards) tutorial on Braille. I didn’t go too in depth into how it was developed/invented but a Google search of Louis Braille should fill in that information for you.

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Voice Post: Royal Rumble, Chili, Heightened Senses and Blindness Frustrations

This audio post is longer than yesterday’s. I covered several topics, I talked briefly about the Royal Rumble and why I’m not going to be eating chili tonight. Then I answered a couple of questions about being blind. One on whether or not I have heightened senses and the other on the most frustrating aspect.

I hope that if you listen you find it interesting. If you need a nap after you’re done, I understand.

I also hope you check out my previous written post about dreams.


Last year, I did an entire series of posts for my personal website on what it is like for me to live with a visual impairment. Those posts are not archived here because I want to rewrite them, have them properly edited and then either post them or see what kind of book they would make. However, I am going to revisit one of those subjects here and talk about how I dream.
As I said, this is how I dream. You can’t assume that other blind and visually impared individuals dream the same way that I do and in fact, you should probably assume the opposite.

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