Saying goodbye to things I used to Enjoy

Today is the day that I officially said my goodbye as a fan of the NFL and the Oakland Raiders. This has actually been something that has slowly been happening over the past few years but today was the absolute final straw.

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Details of Fifth Annual Star Wars Reads Day Announced

I love Star Wars and I love reading. I’ve even reviewed a Star Wars audiobook or two…or five…or ten…or more.

Today, the folks at have announced details of the fifth annual event which will take place the entire month of October. Check the link for details on all sorts of events and participants around the world.

I’m Not the Only One Who Loves Star Wars Audiobooks has an article discussing Star Wars Audiobooks. The article features quotes from the two most prolific Star Wars audiobook narrators, Jonathan Davis and Marc Thompson.

Obviously I love Star Wars Audiobooks, I’ve reviewed a ton of them on the site as you can tell by searching the archives.

If truth be known I can’t think of too many Star Wars audiobooks I didn’t like. There were some books I didn’t necessarily think were all that great but a great performance by a narrator can really make a difference.

I think that both Davis and Thompson do a tremendous job with the narration and they each have different strengths that they bring to the table.

As technology has progressed even with a visual impairment, I can read pretty much any book I want in some form or another. I could read an electronic version using voice over on my phone or computer, I could listen to an audiobook or there is always Braille. But I don’t think I would enjoy Star Wars books as much in a format other than Audio. I’d get annoyed by software mispronouncing names of places and the like.

I’ve said this many times and will continue to say so in the future, Star Wars has been blessed with some very talented Audiobook narrators. Thompson, Davis, January LaVoy, Jeff Gurner and Daniel Davis have all done a great job the past few years.

Random Facts and Two Catastrophes

Last summer, I made the decision to fold my personal blog and my audiobook blog into one website. You can read more about that by clicking here. I uploaded all of my Audiobook reviews from that site but did not upload the news posts. I saved my personal blog to a file thinking I might upload it eventually but I never did so.
The benefit to not uploading those old posts are that I can revisit some of them and they will essentially be new content. Today’s post is an example of one that I have done previously but thought I would bring back now. I thought now would be a good time because I’ve picked up a few new readers since the year started and this exercise is one in which the reader will get to know me better and for me it is good to think about interesting tidbits about myself that I can share with others.

The inspiration came from a Facebook meme where you listed 25 random facts about yourself. I decided I would do that and post it on my website (I’ve always been a bit of a whore for traffic) and so that’s what I did. I didn’t limit it to 25 facts, however. We’ll see how many random facts this post ultimately contains by the time I’m done.

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September 2015 Positivity List

In yesterday’s post, I suggested that it might be a good idea for me to list all of the different things i am looking forward to over the next month. I reason that if I list all of those things each month it will serve as a reminder that I have positive things going on and perhaps doing this on a regular basis will help to provide stability to my mood. Besides, it is one new post a month for this blog.

The things I will list could be mondain to some people and to others it could be something that they are either not interested in or actually dreading. I’ll list each one and then talk about it briefly.

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