Podcast Plus: The Audio Flow Interview

This week’s Episode of Talking Audiobooks features my interview of Jocq Protho of The Audio Flow Casting Services.

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Podcast Plus: Ray Greenley Interview

It is time for this week’s edition of Podcast Plus where I look at Episode 3.03 featuring audiobook narrator and all-around good guy Ray Greenley. As we discuss on the episode, this one was a long time in the making.

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Podcast Plus: A Pair of Chats with Rich Miller

This week’s Podcast Plus is a bit late but it covers episode 3.02 which is my chat with audiobook narrator Rich Miller. This comes on the heels of My appearance on his podcast, The Audiobook Speakeasy, last Sunday/Monday. It is the crossover event of 2018 at least so far. I mean, how many other crossover events have their been this year?

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Enter to win the ‘Fire and Fury’ Audiobook

Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury has dominated a lot of the political discussion this month. The book was released on January 5 in part because the White House’s attemptat getting the release stopped entirely resulted in the date being moved up from January 9. The book has been a top the best seller charts ever since then and ran through it’s initial print runs easily.
The nice thing about the audiobook is that you don’t have to worry about it being temporarily out of stock when you try to order it. But why order the audiobook when you have a chance to win one of 5 copies?

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Join me for a Chat in the Audiobook Speakeasy

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with Rich Miller for a chat on his podcast, The Audiobook Speakeasy. My episode is available now for your enjoyment. This was a lot of fun to do and I promise next time I will have a more appropriate drink for the atmosphere.

Rich is going to be my guest on this coming Friday’s episode of Talking Audiobooks and I will have a behind the scenes look at both episodes in this week’s edition of Podcast Plus.

Podcast Plus: Harmon Cooper and Jeff Hays interview

Season 3 of Talking Audiobooks is back and a lot has changed. For one thing we have a newly redesigned website which you can check out at the link provided. We also have a new app which you can use to listen to the podcast and register to join our community and to have your name automatically entered into every giveaway we make available.

Our first episode features a chat with LitRPG author Harmon Cooper and audiobook narrator Jeff Hays for an in depth chat about all things Proxima Galaxy and audiobook narration.

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Talking Audiobooks Season 3 Premier Promo

There it is, our season 3 premier promo. This episode is going to be a lot of fun as Harmon and Jeff were both fantastic guests. If you love Audiobooks you’ll enjoy this one because it is going to be much longer than some audiobooks.

Looking Back at 2017 and forward to 2018

I spent New Year’s Eve alone, working on my audiobook spreadsheet. In some ways, it is the most Casey thing I could have possibly done to ring in 2018. In another way it was a huge disappointment. I actually felt pretty festive this year which is the first time in a long time that I could say that.
I’ve been writing year in review posts for a few years now and none of them have been terribly positive. I thought 2014 was a bad year only to be hit with much worse years in 2015 (death of Ginny, cancer diagnosis for my dad and friend Melissa) and 2016 (death of my father and general dissatisfaction). This past year wasn’t always great. I lost my friend Melissa in November and before that, my great aunt Dorothy passed away in April. Add the fact that I was actually sick for six weeks from President’s Day through the end of March and 2017 could go down as yet another in a string of bad years for me.

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Podcast Plus: Season 2 finale!

I’m back with a Podcast Plus on the season finale of Talking Audiobooks. I didn’t do one of these last week because aside from the fact I didn’t have much to say about the episode, I just wasn’t feeling in the mood.
That episode was a good one but it wasn’t what I initially planned it to be. The problem is I can’t really say what I planned it to be because I still want to use that idea in the future. That’s why, aside from the fact that a deep depression landed on me last week that I didn’t have much to write.

As for this week’s episode, well, that I think is a bit more interesting.

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Podcast Plus: Tribute to Melissa

This week’s episode of Talking Audiobooks is now available. This one is a tribute dedicated to the memory of my friend Melissa.

Oh yeah, click here for your chance to win an Amazon Echo Dot to celebrate the end of our second season. I got an Echo Dot from producer Ken a few weeks ago and I am already addicted to it. I like playing Jeopardy
and other games on it since it is audio based it is accessible. I have even gotten Alexa to tell ‘Yo Mamma’ jokes which is a fantastic development.

Okay, so let’s get to the podcast plus portion of things by talking about this week’s show.

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Podcast Plus: Sale Alert 10/23/2017

When I write a podcast plus it is to tell you something about each episode of the show that I have done. This one is a cross between an explanation of the reasons episodes like this get made in the first place and an explanation of how I make them.

On this Sale Alert episode of Talking Audiobooks I talk the current sale at Audible of audiobooks for kids.

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