Podcast Plus: The Audio Flow Interview

This week’s Episode of Talking Audiobooks features my interview of Jocq Protho of The Audio Flow Casting Services.

Jocq was someone who I didn’t know very well before we sat down for our interview. She and I are in some of the same Facebook groups. We also follow each other on Twitter but we hadn’t talked much.

When I did my research though, I just had a feeling we were going to click. I checked out a couple of episodes of her podcast to get familiar with her and as prep for my interview with Ray Greenley. I liked what I heard and knew it was going to be a fun conversation when we finally got together. I was not disappointed!

I felt like Jocq and I had a good chemistry with each other. In fact, I hope that she and I can find more things to work together on in the future. Producer Ken called her a delight and I called her a joy to be around.

I enjoy doing episodes with people who are listeners or who are involved in the audiobook industry in another way. I want to have more producers and engineers and coaches on the show in the future but as I told one of my guests, they can be harder to search out because they don’t get the credit that authors and narrators do. So that’s something I am going to have to research more to find good guests in those fields.
I like interviewing listeners because they give the industry members of my audience a new perspective on what listeners like about audiobooks and what they think makes for a good product. As I’ve said before, I don’t get a lot of feedback on the podcast but most of what I do get is from people in the industry, especially narrators. So I think it is good to let the narrators hear from a dedicated listener from time to time.

I was really impressed with how far Jocq has come in such a short amount of time. She went from an audiobook listeners to a reviewer to a podcaster to opening her own casting services company in less than 2 years. No matter how you slice it, that is super impressive and ambitious. By comparison, at roughly the same point in my own journey I was opening up AudiobookEmpire.com which ended up being far more ambitious than I could have imagined and ultimately ended up being folded into this website. But that is a story I have already told.

Something else we have in common is that neither of us enjoys listening to ourselves. I guess that is what makes us good audiobook listeners. If we listen to audiobook narrators read, that’s less time we have to listen to ourselves talk.

Yes, during the interview she did make me hungry. This in and of itself is not particularly hard. But when she mentioned Culver’s I got the craving for a strawberry smoothie that has yet to be satisfied. Given the current weather I probably won’t get one until March. However, when I do, I’m going to make sure Jocq knows all about it.

If you listen to the episode, which I absolutely think you should do, there is a point where it stops being an interview and starts to be a conversation. I have grown to enjoy interviewing people a lot more this season. I still get nervous before an interview but don’t find them nearly as stressful as I did when I first started doing them last summer. However, when it goes from being an interview to a conversation is really when I start to have fun.
You’re not going to necessarily have that with every guest. Some are just going to be interviews where I ask questions and they answer them. But sometimes, usually it is because of something a guest does, you will transition into a conversation and when that happens I really have fun. In an interview, I know what question is coming next because I get to ask them. In a conversation, the next question might come from the guest to me.
This is one reason I love pairing authors and narrators together. If we get to the point where they converse with one another and I don’t have to say much of anything, I think that is so fun. It gives my listeners a glimpse into how the author and narrator interact with one another on a personal level. And that’s not something you necessarily can pick up on when listening to a book. But it is all about following my guests and being able to take what they give me in their responses. I think I do a good job of it but ultimately that is for the audience to decide.