Podcast Plus: Ray Greenley Interview

It is time for this week’s edition of Podcast Plus where I look at Episode 3.03 featuring audiobook narrator and all-around good guy Ray Greenley. As we discuss on the episode, this one was a long time in the making.

Ray was one of the first people (after Jess) that I invited to come on the podcast. Mind you, it was months ago and so some of the details are lost to my mind. But, shortly after I announced that I was taking over as host of Talking Audiobooks I started following more narrators and other professionals on Twitter.
When Ray and I started following each other, we traded direct messages and he sent me a promo code for ‘The Great Martian War: Invasion’ and I asked if he’d ever be interested in coming on the podcast.

That was actually a significant moment for me. If you don’t know me well, then you should know that I really don’t like to ask people for anything. I especially don’t like to ask people for anything if I don’t know them well. This has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. It isn’t like I had to learn to be afraid to ask people for things it has just always been a part of me.
I remember in college I got in a tough financial spot and had to ask my mom for some money to help get back on track. She sent the money and a note which was essentially a suggestion that I not beat myself up over it. She knew just from my tone of voice that I was pretty down about the whole thing. Hell, my mom wrote that note by hand knowing that in order for me to know what it said, someone would have to read it to me. That’s how necessary she must have felt it was.

So I truly don’t like asking people for anything and that goes double if I don’t know them. So you can imagine that askking strangers if they are agreeable to do an interview isn’t one of the easiest things I do for the show. In fact, nobody I have ever asked has turned me down but for whatever reason that hasn’t reduced my anxiety very much.
That’s why I like it when people volunteer to come on the show. I actually like this for two reasons. The more important reason is that it shows me that they are interested, eager and it gives me confidence that the episode will be good. But a bonus reason is that when someone enquires about coming on the show, I don’t have to ask them.
I have said that I have no problem asking people to appear on the show and that is true. It does make me feel anxious but my hesitation over asking someone to come on the show has yet to actually keep me from doing it. I would not go so far as to call my issue a fear, it just makes me a little bit anxious. A lot of things that I’m not afraid of make me at least a bit anxious. That’s what happens when you’re a high anxiety person.

The fact that I haven’t kept myself from asking anyone to come on the show is a nice contrast to the numerous times I was too afraid to ask out a woman on a date. You can count on several fingers the number of women I would like to have asked out over the years but didn’t because of the fact I don’t like asking people for anything. But in that case, you can toss in a fear of rejection and a bad case of shyness so it isn’t fair to say that asking someone to come on the podcast and asking someone on a date are of equal weight.

We discuss why it took so long for Ray to actually appear on the podcast during the episode. But I can say that it was well worth the wait. Ray was a joy to talk to and is someone I am glad I’ve gotten to know a little bit. Ray was the first audiobook narrator to Friend me on Facebook which is something several others have done since then.

As you know, we tape the interviews a couple weeks prior to the episode. For the most part it works out very well. But had I taped my interview with Ray just a few days later I could have asked him about the Eagles making it to the Super Bowl. Ray commenting on their victory over Minnesota actually reminded me that I could tie the episode in with the Super Bowl since the podcast was dropping just a couple of days before the game. So I found audiobooks about the Eagles, Patriots and Super Bowl in general (I didn’t have to look hard for any of these) and that was how the episode was constructed.

Next week, I’ll talk about the episode featuring Jocq of The Audio Flow. But until then, check out this week’s podcast and keep listening! And thanks to Ray for being such a great guest and supporter of the show.