Podcast Plus: Season 2 finale!

I’m back with a Podcast Plus on the season finale of Talking Audiobooks. I didn’t do one of these last week because aside from the fact I didn’t have much to say about the episode, I just wasn’t feeling in the mood.
That episode was a good one but it wasn’t what I initially planned it to be. The problem is I can’t really say what I planned it to be because I still want to use that idea in the future. That’s why, aside from the fact that a deep depression landed on me last week that I didn’t have much to write.

As for this week’s episode, well, that I think is a bit more interesting.

Last Saturday, I was supposed to tape an interview with an author and narrator. That had to be shelved due to unforseen circumstances. Fortunately, I always have a plan B in mind in case plan A goes up in flames and I decided to go with that for the season finale. I just played some excerpts from some of my personal favorite audiobooks, the ones I listen to over and over again.

As for that interview, I taped it today and it will air in season 3 of the show. This is how I am going to tape my interviews going forward. Having them in the can like this gives us a little more flexibility in terms of how we promote each episode. I am very excited for you all to hear this interview in season 3 as well as for that season in general. I think season 2 was a good season for building a foundation for what the show is going to be and season 3 is going to be where we take it to a whole new level.

Basically, my goal for season 2 was to put out a show that was consistent, entertaining and consistently entertaining. When Ken was hosting the show, he took a long break from the end of season 1 to the beginning of season 2. That really hurt any momentum the first season was able to build in my opinion. So the thing I wanted to emphasize most was that you can count on us to be here every week and sometimes more than that. Not only that but you can count on us to be here at the same time every week. And we were able to do that this season and I think that paid off in an audience that is showing signs of growth.
As for the entertaining part, I don’t get any hate mail about the show and the audience is growing so I must be doing something right. I say I must be doing something right but that’s not fair because Ken’s use of music and the promos he does add a lot to the show in my opinion. We do work quite well together as a team.

I appreciate the fact that Ken is willing to put his money where his mouth is in terms of moving the project ahead. Things like giving away an Amazon Echo Dot or developing a mobile app are not things that can be done without some expense being taken on and he has bore the brunt of that expense. But that fact makes me want to work as hard as I can to do the best possible show that I can to make him feel like he is getting some kind of return on his investment.

I think next season is where all of the hard work for this season is going to start to bare fruit. The content of the show isn’t going to be radically different. There will still be theme shows, there will hopefully be more interviews, there will be so many other things but most will enhance what we’ve already been doing or be a slight change in presentation.
Now when I say it will bare fruit, I will be honest and say that I don’t know what that fruit is going to be. I still don’t have a target in mind in terms of how many listeners I think we should have each week. I want the audience to grow and I want to put out a good show. But even though you can see the numbers grow, that is still some what of a judgement call considering where you started out and what you think is a realistic target audience for your show. We don’t have 10,000 listeners a week but I also don’t know if that number was realistically even possible for this stage of the show. Perhaps it could have been possible if I had done more interviews since those drive growth in many ways but I don’t know that for sure and it isn’t something I can really know for sure anyway.

I could not be happier with the show and the progress we have made. I feel like I’m a better host than I was in June and I have learned a lot in aspects of the show like promotion that I didn’t really think about back when I agreed to become the host. I obviously knew I would have to promote the show but in terms of ways to do it or even examining what that truly meant I would say my knowledge has increased in that area more than any other aspect of doing the show.

I plan to write about other stuff, not related to the podcast or at least not as much related to it before the end of the year. I’ll eventually give my take on The Last Jedi (it was fantastic is the short version) and do a customary year-in-review post. So, you’ll have at least that to look forward to from me. But until then, I have began my podcast vacation!