Podcast Plus: Halloween with Count Audiobookula

Here is the Halloween episode of Talking Audiobooks. This one is a little bit different from anything else I have ever recorded and that made me a bit nervous.

I didn’t really come up with the idea for what I was going to do on this episode until the night before I recorded it. And because it was different from anything else I had done, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out and how it would be received. And as of this writing, outside of my producer’s comments, I still don’t know how it will be received. I’m also not sure if I’m ever going to know because as I may have mentioned before, we don’t get a lot of feedback in terms of what people think of the quality of the show.

The lack of feedback means that it is hard to come up with things that we could be doing better. But it also means that we’re not getting hate mail. Combine that with the fact that our audience is growing and we like to think we’re doing a good job. We are also mindful of our own list of things that we think we could be doing better.

Coming up with Count Audiobookula wasn’t too difficult, after all, I thought of it. I’d describe him as a bit of a crank who doesn’t much care for current popular culture and has a bit of an obsession with money and complaining about taxes. I think there are some good quips in there and lack of feedback from others not withstanding, I think the Count will return next year.

It was sort of tough for me to do this episode since Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday. It often doesn’t feel any different from any other day. I don’t dress up and I don’t get visitors to my door for candy. I also don’t listen to a lot of horror tough I always intend to change that habbit.
But when we were discussing the show for the rest of the year a few weeks ago, I wrote up a schedule for myself and the producer so that he had some idea of what I was planning. Doing a Halloween show was never in question.