Podcast Plus: Hoopin’ it up with Audiobooks

This episode of Talking Audiobooks is another theme show, this time looking at books that center around the game of Basketball.

I’ve talked in previous editions of Podcast Plus about how much I enjoy doing these theme episodes and this was no different. Originally, the plan was for this to air a week ago Tuesday, the same night that the NBA season tipped off. However, that did not happen and we used it for the weekly episode instead. That ended up working out for the best because I am still in the grips of a seasonal depression and it gave me a few extra days to find my ambition once more.

I want to do more of these theme shows next year particularly for Black History Month and Women’s History month. I also want to do some that are more fiction focused. It is easy to come up with theme ideas that center around current events or moments in history. Unifying topics in fiction are a little harder, at least for me but I’d still like to do them. I’d also like to do something that focuses more on indie authors and publishers.

I recorded a show that you’ll hear on Halloween and it is going to be a bit different from anything else I have recorded for the show. It is an idea that may or may not play well with the audience but the only way to know whether or not it will work is to try it out. I’ll talk more about that when the episode drops, however.


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