Podcast Plus: Sale Alert 10/23/2017

When I write a podcast plus it is to tell you something about each episode of the show that I have done. This one is a cross between an explanation of the reasons episodes like this get made in the first place and an explanation of how I make them.

On this Sale Alert episode of Talking Audiobooks I talk the current sale at Audible of audiobooks for kids.

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, then you’ll recall that I used to talk about these sales in blog posts. I decided early on that instead of doing that, I would try turning one of them into a podcast.

As I say on each one of these that I do, we don’t get anything for putting out an episode like this and Audible or whatever site is running the sale has no input over what books I choose to specifically highlight. If all of that is true, why do them at all? Isn’t it basically a free commercial? In order to best answer those questions, I will tell you a bit about how each one of these comes together.

For the purpose of clarity I will use Audible as an example because they have frequent sales. However, this applies to any seller of audiobooks that might be having a sale.
The first thing I do when notified of a new sale is browse through the available titles. I try and scan all the titles in a given sale, though sometimes I end up missing a few or in some cases titles are added after I’ve recorded the sale alert and it has been posted. When I browse the sale titles I am looking for two things.
I look for titles that are in my library already. I pay special attention to ones that I not only own but have listened to already. I do this so that I can talk about them when I do the alert, maybe tell a story about the book or when I listened to it and play an excerpt.
I then look for titles that are in my wishlist. I do this so that I can let listeners know what I am interested in purchasing from this sale and why. On this episode, for example, ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’ is part of the sale and I talked about why I was going to purchase it and played another excerpt.
I also make note of titles that I know have a large commercial appeal and even itles that I end up being interested in but didn’t know about before seeing them in the sale. All so I can tell stories about books.
I used to do this same thing in written posts. I’d give details of the sale, then I would talk about books that interested me and ones that I owned already. I’ve just taken that same format, turned it in to audio, added excerpts to it and then made Ken do post production.

I try to make each one of these sale alerts more about the books and the bargain than I do the place where you can get them. I always think I could do a better job of it but that doesn’t mean I think I do a poor job of it. I don’t get hatemail regarding the podcast, so the way I do the show hasn’t inspired anyone to want to yell at me and tell me that I suck. If they don’t like the show they just move on with their lives and don’t feel the need to inform me of how much the show sucks and how I should never talk in public again so long as I live.

Now that you’ve read this I hope you see these as more than commercials for audiobook venders. I don’t record these because I necessarily think that I’m going to tell audible listeners about a sale that they don’t already know about. Trust me, hardcore listeners know when there is a sale and don’t need me to point it out.
I record it to make people aware of certain titles in the sale. I always try to do a good mix of fiction and nonfiction titles and hope to expose listeners to titles they might not be aware of. The biggest compliment I get when I do the show is when someone says they heard an excerpt I played and add the book to their wishlist or just pick it up.