Podcast Plus: The AudiobookWorm Interviews Me

I tried this idea last week and am continuing it here. This is podcast plus where I tell you about this week’s episode of Talking Audiobooks including things that aren’t necessarily apparent by listening to it. On this episode of Talking Audiobooks the tables are turned on me. I go from interviewer to interview subject as Jess the AudiobookWorm asks me about audiobooks, podcasting, time travel and other topics.

This episode came about after Jess was the guest on Episode 8 and the first person I interviewed on the show.

I suggested that if she wanted to, I would let her interview me for her blog. I thought that if I submitted myself to interviews on blogs, it would be a good way for me to introduce myself to the audiobook blogging community which would then help the podcast grow.

Jess surprised me a bit by suggesting that she could interview me on the podcast. I thought that sounded like fun and so I consented. The interview was actually taped awhile ago, it was only a couple of weeks after we aired her interview on the show.

So why use the interview now? Ken and I liked the idea of having something in the bank for emergencies. The interview wasn’t time sensitive so we could use it when we needed it. Unfortunately, it ended up sitting on the shelf for longer than I would like. On the one hand that meant we didn’t have any emergencies but on the other hand you don’t want to let something like that sit for too long. Mostly because Jess put a lot of time and effort in to the interview and you don’t want it to feel like getting it out there wasn’t a priority.

It was supposed to air a couple of weeks ago. However, due to a time crunch we needed to run with something that wouldn’t require a ton of editing. That’s how I ended up recording Episode 20 in less than an hour. So we rescheduled the interview for this week and I am happy to have it out.

I’m always happy when I get to do something with Jess. Aside from the two interviews, I have Adopted two audiobooks for review from her, including my favorite fiction read of 2017 thus far!
But Jess is very good at what she does as well. I have worked with other people since then that have also worked with her and nobody has a bad word to say about her. So I very much respect her work and am looking for more ways to work with her in the future. But she’s also someone I just like talking to about anything.

And talk about anything is exactly what we did, only you won’t hear that. Later that day, we had another conversation and this one centered around the spreadsheet I use to keep track of my audiobook collection. I sent the spreadsheet to Jess after we discussed it and she got lost in it. We spent time on Skype with me just listening to her go through it, make comments and ask questions.
Thanks to that conversation, I ended up making some changes to the way I had the spreadsheet organized and improved it beyond what she has seen that day. That was an incredibly fun Skype conversation to have but you probably had to be there.
It was a win/win because looking at my spreadsheet helped her find some books that she thought she’d like to listen to and I had a nice conversation which helped me improve my spreadsheet.

I hope you liked this week’s edition of Podcast Plus. I think I am enjoying writing these and will probably keep going, at least when I think there are things worth saying.