Podcast Plus: S2:E21 of Talking Audiobooks with Nina Munteanu and Dawn Harvey

I want to do a little something different on my blog. I’m hoping it will get me to write more often and will also help bring my blog and podcast closer together. I’m calling this Podcast Plus. It will be a post where I plug each week’s episode of the podcast but then offer some comments related to the episode that aren’t things you’d necessarily know by listening.

Season #2, Episode #21 of Talking Audiobooks can be found here. This one features an interview I did with author Nina Munteanu and narrator Dawn Harvey. That’s the podcast, the plus is below the cut.

So this interview was actually almost 2 month’s in the making. I was supposed to interview them both at the end of August. But the day of the scheduled recording, I woke up in bad shape. As I told them when we were chatting before the show, if I had interviewed them that day, I would have only been able to ask them if the room was spinning for them or just me before falling out of my chair.

I was a little anxious before this interview for a couple of reasons. The first is that I am always anxious before doing an interview. I may have mentioned that in a previous post but I’ll wait to explore that in a future one as well.
In this case I was nervous because I had read the first book back in August and hadn’t gotten to book 2 yet. One thing you might find hard to believe is that I don’t work from notes when I podcast. I do it all from memory and reherse things in my head before actually doing them to help me commit questions to memory. So I wasn’t sure how much of a book I listened to back in August I’d remember especially since I listened to so many in September. But once I started to think about it, I actually remembered quite a bit.

When I interview someone on the show, especially if I’m interviewing an author and narrator together I have a format that I like to use. Start with the author, ask for some background information, how they got the idea for the book, their writing process and then talk about getting it made into an audiobook.
Then I play an excerpt and go to the narrator. I ask for background, their history with audiobooks and then get into questions relating to the book. So in both cases I start off broad and work my way to very specific questions.
I tried to use that format this week as well but it lasted about 5 minutes. Nina and Dawn took over and just started conversing and as they conversed they answered a lot of my questions, if not exactly in the order I planed to ask them. And though it threw me off a bit at first eventually I came to enjoy the natural flow of conversation.

I have enjoyed all the interviews I’ve done on the show. I know people say that sometimes to be nice but I am habitually honest and so when I say that, I mean it. This was no different and when we were done I was sad that the conversation didn’t continue.

When I finish an interview I almost immediately start to recall questions I didn’t ask. The bad thing is that I didn’t ask the questions. The good thing is that I may have cause to interview someone more than once and will still have things to talk to them about.

If you’ve previously ignored my podcast plugs or have found my blog for the first time, I would encourage you to listen to this episode. This is a great interview that exists for the most part because I was lucky enough to interview two people who are obviously friends and enjoy conversing with one another.

When I interview someone, we always chat before the show. I always give them a little spiel which goes like this. Some of my questions are pretty broad, I ask broad questions to give you room to talk. The people who already subscribe to this podcast will get to hear more of me when the interview is over and in future episodes. The people who listen because they want to hear you being interviewed want to hear more from you than they want to hear from me.
I say this because it is true. I have listened to podcasts where hosts will interview someone and then do most of the talking or ask really long questions that actually include stories. I always hate it! Just ask your question and let the guest talk! That’s something I try to do as much as I can though sometimes there is a place where I can tell a story or two but I think the reason I’ve enjoyed my interviews all so much is because in each case, it is more of the guest than it is of me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Podcast Plus experiment. I’ll probably do this a few more times before decidig if I can do it regularly. These might not always go up the same night as the podcast goes live but I’ll try to have them up within 24 hours. If you have any questions about the podcast, my process for putting a show together or anything else, leave a comment with your question and I will answer in a future installment.