Three Months

I have now been hosting the Talking Audiobooks podcast for three months. This week’s episode is dedicated to the memory of my dad who would have turned 70 on September 10.

The episode focuses on the things I have learned by doing the podcast for three months and the way in which my own consumption of Audiobooks has changed. I talk about the fact that in July and August as I was doing interview after interview, listening for myself took a big hit. Most of what I listened to was connected to some kind of interview. But the flip side of that has been that I’ve been exposed to things I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise and it has paid off with some very enjoyable listens.
Case in point is a book I got from The AudiobookWorm>’s Adopt an Audiobook program. The book in question is called ‘Circled’ by Anne McAneny and narrated by Laura Jennings. It is a mystery that I absolutely loved and am so glad I listened to it. The book is still up there and you can get it for free if you’re willing to leave an honest review.
I am very selective when it comes to the books I listen to in exchange for an honest review. This excludes books I listen to and review in exchange for an interview. Generally, if I’m going to do this it has to be something I really want to listen to for some reason. Mostly this is because I hate leaving reviews on for reasons which I will explain some other day. So ‘Circled’ got my attention as soon as I saw the book summary. I thought there was a good chance I would like it, asked to review it and was proven correct beyond my wildest expectations.

I also talk about things that I have learned or observed by being in social media groups dedicated to Audiobooks such as Audiobook Addicts and Audiobook Lovers. I’ve mentioned this before but if you want free audiobooks and are willing to write reviews both of these groups can be quite valuable.
However, they can also be valuable if you are interested in knowing about how other people consume audiobooks and the questions that they have. The experience has been incredibly worthwhile for me and I am so glad to have joined these groups.

In other news, it is September. I have many family members and close friends who were born in September. September is also when football season starts, the baseball races heat up and hockey and basketball come on the horizon. September means the start of the new fall TV season which admittedly doesn’t mean what it once did but still. It also means that I can make chili again and it is also the month of the South Dakota State Fair. So as months go, September has a lot going for it.
But none of those things individually or even all of them collectively is enough to change one fact about September for me. I absolutely hate September. September is the worst month of the year for me in terms of depression and the last week of summer is always by far the worst. I remember a few years ago when I spent the last day of summer sitting in a lawn chair in my cousin Shiloh’s backyard sulking and in near tears. This one shows all of the signs of being just as bad if not worse than usual. Since I can’t escape what it does to me I just have to try and ride it out.

I’ll try and end on a happier note. Last week, I decided to place my first order with Naturebox because it has been something I’ve wanted to try for quite awhile now. I haven’t gotten my initial order in the mail yet but am very much looking forward to it. I was getting hungry just reading the product list so I would say that’s a good sign.