Check Out my Interview with Audiobook Narrator and Coach Sean Pratt

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t written in awhile. Things have generally been good with one really bad day thrown in for good measure. I am writing now specifically to plug the most recent episode of Talking Audiobooks.

I don’t always write a post on my blog plugging each new episode but that’s due more to laziness than anything else. I really should talk about each one because to only do them every now and then makes it seem as though I am playing favorites. That’s just not true, I enjoy each episode for one reason or another and hope that everyone listens to all of them, even though I know that’s not really realistic.

I want to plug this one specifically though because of how good it turned out. Again, they have all been good but this one is good in a very unique way. I am talking about S2:E12 – My Interview with Sean Pratt.
If you don’t know, Sean Pratt has narrated over 900 audiobooks under his own name and that of Lloyd James. Sean specializes in nonfiction though he still does narrate some fiction from time to time. He also coaches other narrators both on technique and the business side of audiobook narration.

Here are just some of the topics we discuss in this interview.

  • How he broke into narrating audiobooks
  • Why narrating nonfiction is more difficult than narrating fiction
  • How he prepares to narrate a work of nonfiction
  • How recording an audiobook is different now than when he started
  • A day in the life of Sean Pratt
  • Things that still trip him up from time to time
  • How he takes care of his voice
  • Marketing himself and his work

I don’t need to tell anyone who reads my blog with regularity that it is rare that I am left speechless but as Sean was answering my questions, I sometimes found it difficult to think of anything to say in response. That is despite the fact that I was so prepared for the interview that I pretty much knew every answer he was going to give. That’s how impressed I was by his answers, even knowing them left me struggling to find words.
You can check out Sean’s website here, follow him on Twitter and like his Facebook page.

I have been fortunate that I am thrilled with every interview I have done. Aside from Sean, I also interviewed The Audiobookworm (listen here), Author B.L. Berry and narrator Andrea Emmes (listen here), and 2017 Audio Publisher’s Association blogger of the year The Geeky Blogger (listen here). They have all been great guests and I feel like my interview skills are rounding into form.

You can listen to the podcast at The show is also available on iTunes, TuneIn, Spreaker, IHeart Radio, Youtube, Stitcher, Soundcloud, google play music and more.

On Friday, I will be taping an interview with author R.K. Gold and narrator Kyle Tait as they discuss the audiobook Lost in the Clouds on which they collaborated. This interview will air on next week’s show and I am about to start booking the week after. But don’t worry about that until you’ve heard my interview with Sean Pratt!