New Episode of the Talking Audiobooks Podcast is Coming

At 8:00 Am central, I’ll let you figure out when that is where you live, episode 4 of the Talking Audiobooks Podcast will go live.

This episode marks a transition from the old host to me as host. Ken, the old host, will still be involved with the show as producer and all-around provider of things that I need. This particular episode is light on Audiobook news, I mention the currently available titles at but other than that, there is just a lot of banter between the two of us.

Next week is when things really get going. I will be recording my first show as solo host in the next couple of days for broadcast on June 2. This is when the focus will shift to where it belongs, on audiobooks and the industry of producing them. I have already recorded something that will air a few days later, it is what I am calling a book commentary instead of book review, just to be different. Those book commentaries, whenever I do them will
be broken out as separate episodes.

I am also putting together a Talking Audiobooks monthly book club. The concept is simple, we pick a book to read/listen to each month and then I record a roundtable/discussion type show where people who have participated get together to talk about the book. We will also be encouraging listeners to participate along side us and are working on ways for them to contribute their own feedback as well. I’ll talk about our first book on next week’s show or if you’re a friend on Facebook, you already know it. See, it pays to follow the social media.

Anyway, I am very excited for people to hear the show going forward. You can check it out at and iTunes users can subscribe here. You can also like the Facebook Page and follow the show on Twitter. More social media accounts and even an app are coming soon.