Free Download: Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans and Crystal Evans Hurst

Apologies for not getting to this earlier but the monthly free download from is Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst. The book is summarized thusly:

In Kingdom Woman, Tony Evans and his daughter, Chrystal Evans Hurst, remind women of their calling from God to be free, delivered, healed, and hopeful. The authors bring insight that encourages women to correct distorted perceptions and understand who they really are in Christ. A kingdom woman is called and empowered to live a life of victory through Christ!

If you are interested in this title, go to and you can get the book for free. They will require you to sign up for their email newsletter and you will also need an account on the website. This book will be the free download through Feb. 28 with a new title being made available on March 1. Other books authored by Tony Evans are also on sale for $4.98 each.

On a personal note, Tony Evans is one of if not at the very top of the list of my favorite preachers. I’ve been listening to him on the radio since I was in High School and I’m a follower of him on Facebook and subscribe to his Youtube channel. He has been a real source of encouragement to me throughout the years and I need to be more mindful of that and make it a point to listen to him more when I am down.