2017 Audie Award Nominations

The 2017 Audio Publishers Association’s Audie Award nominees were announced earlier today. I usually don’t care much about awards and don’t let what I watch or listen to be decided but what is or is not nominated for an award. But I am always interested in the Audie nominations and this year was no different.
You can see all of the nominated titles in 26 categories plus find reviews and sound clips by clicking here.

I have read 4 books that were nominated for Audies and have another 7 either in my library already or on my wishlist. One title which I somehow didn’t know about despite being interested in the subject matter and a fan of the narrator is now added to my wishlist. That one is called ‘Humans Need Not Apply’.

If I have one issue with the Audies in general, it is that almost every subgenre has its own category except for Sports and Wellness. Sports books could be nominated as Biographies or in the history category if they cover a specific team or event but that doesn’t really seem right to me. I would reak sports out as its own category and combine it with books about physical health and wellness.

Other than that, congratulations to all the nominees. When the awards are handed out, I hope they are streamed live again so I can watch this year.