Last Call for the 2017 Royal Rumble Game

In a few short hours, I will be generating the number assignments for this year’s version of the Royal Rumble game.

This is the last call for you to participate in this years game. If you would like a number, you can leave a comment on this post or contact me via Twitter or Facebook.

What is the royal rumble game? It couldn’t be more simple. The WWE Royal Rumble is tomorrow night, if you are familiar with how the match works I won’t explain too much. In short, 30 men participate and enter in a set order from 1-30. Tonight’s drawing will determine which number you receive. When the wrestler enters at your assigned number, he is your representative in the game. If he wins the Rumble, you win the game.

How do I determine which number you receive? Here is the full procedure I will use to set the order tonight.

First, we currently have 26 players which means we have room for 4 more. If we get none or less than 4 this is what will happen.

I will take the names of all the players and enter them on This will generate a list. To determine which players will receive multiple numbers I will do the following using 4 as the example since that is currently how many people would receive two numbers.

I will generate the list and randomize it 4 different times. On the 4th try, the top 4 names on the list will receive two numbers.

I will then make a second list which contains the names of all the players plus the names of those receiving second numbers listed twice giving me a total of 30 names. I will use another feature on to select a number between one and thirty. If the number is 10 for example, I will randomize the list 10 times and the tenth version of the list will be the official result. Number assignments will be posted in full on Facebook, on this blog and individuals who signed up through twitter will receive a direct reply with their specific numbers. A bit complicated for me as the one who is doing it but it ensures fairness and all anyone else has to do is sit back and wait for their number.

During the Rumble, there will be a post on my Facebook wall for trashtalking and reacting to your number. It will be hard to top last year when my friend Euan was #14 and got R. Truth which was a disaster for him but that’s why we do it.

If your wrestler wins the rumble, you win the game and bragging rights for the year. Other bragging rights go to the person who’s wrestler lasts the longest and the one responsible for most eliminations. Quickest elimination gets harassed for the whole year…Euan.

It really is a lot of fun and makes the Rumble more interesting if you have to rationalize how Mojo Rawley is going to win and lead to your victory in the game. So comment or contact me at the links provided if you want a slot.