2017 Royal Rumble game official numbers

The drawing for the 2017 Royal Rumble game has taken place. No late entries were recorded so we had 26 participants.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the proceedure I used to determine the order of entry. First, I needed to find 4 names to receive multiple numbers. So using Random.org, I put all 26 players in a list. I generated the list 4 times and on the 4th generation, I took the top 4 names and they received the extra numbers.
So I dded duplicate names to my list of 26 to get 30. Then, I used Random.org to select a number between 1 and 30. It selected the number 20. So I generated the list and the 20th generation was the one that was official. It was also the only one I actually looked at. That list is below.

I will post a discussion thread to my Facebook Account tomorrow for discussion and mocking and bragging purposes. If you are one of the players and not a friend on Facebook, hit me up with a request if you want to see how it plays out.

Top bragging rights go to the person who has the winning rumble number. Minor bragging rights go to the person who’s wrestler scores the most eliminations and to the one who’s wrestler lasts the longest, if they’re not the actual winner.
Mocking will take place for shortest time in the match/most humiliating elimination.

1. Brent Stanek
2. James Rayel
3. Jaima Schultz
4. Allen Sale
5. Charles Martinell
6. Luke Shurtliff
7. Duane Wallenstein
8. Ric Gillespie
9. Jared Hitchcock
10. Euan Taylor
11. Cameron Phillips
12. Kevin Hinners
13. Scott Liedle
14. Scott Liedle
15. Cameron Phillips
16. Karl Stern
17. @mafia_dude_316
18. Lara Alton
19. Charles Martinell
20. Alan Lee
21. Michael McDermaid
22. Karl Stern
23. Jason Lemke
24. Casey Trowbridge
25. Jammie Hermans
26. Arthur Shimko
27. Michael McNutt
28. @RaiderGMVP37
29. Justin E. Miller
30. Mark Danger

Good luck!